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OK Go’s New Video The Writing’s On the Wall Is Amazing


The music videos from the music group OK Go are amazing to watch.  Their first viral music video was their song “Here It Goes Again”, where the band performs all the moves on the music video on treadmills.

Another popular music video is the song “This Too Shall Pass”, in this different version, the music video is done with a Rube Goldberg Machine!

This music video called ” Needing/Getting” was done while the band was driving a Chevy Sonic.

And OK Go did a song with The Muppets recreating The Muppets Theme Song.

And now, OK Go has a new music video called “The Writing’s On The Wall.”  The song features a lot of breathtaking optical illusions that will make your brain do some tricks!  The video also has perspective and anamorphic illusions and a couple of gravity tricks as well!  The band and staff spent a lot of time making the illusions right, around three weeks and 50 takes, and it paid off!  So give your brain some trickery, and enjoy the music video below!

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