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Music Thursdays: The Red Roots


On this Music Thursdays, I am featuring an all girls band, this band is unique because the three women are all identical triplets.  Amazing right?  The band is called The Red Roots, and here is their latest music video called “Straight Shooter.”

Red Roots is composed of Nicole, Natalie, and Nika Taylor.  All three women sport red locks, and these triplets engage the crowd with their story through real life lyrics and rolling banjos intertwined with rocking guitars.  The girls are from Southern Mississippi and are rooted in faith, family, and an unshakable call to show the world where true Hope is found.  Some of the credits from this group including being on the American Bible Challenge on Game Show Network, being presenters at the Dove Award PreShow, and  winning the Favorite New Trio Singing News Fan Awards in 2013.

The love for music came from their parents, Mark and Sherry Taylor, and of course church.  In addition of their parents instilling Christian morals and principles, the girls were in the children’s choir.  They began to sing at around age five, and it just got bigger and bigger for the girls.  The girls began to learn to play musical instruments.  And after some prayers, the girls formed a band.  The girls started to sing monthly at a alcohol rehabilitation center.  And soon, other churches called to ask the girls to play at their venues.  The big break came when the girls entered and won a talent contest and they got to play with The Isaacs.  Ben Isaacs became the producer of their first single, and Rick Schweinsberg produced the rest of their first album.  Their first album was released in 2011.  If you want to read their entire story, go to:

The cool thing about The Red Roots YouTube channel, is you don’t only get their official music videos, you also get behind the scenes access, vlogs, music lessons, podcasts, and fan videos!  For example, do you want to know how to easily catch a chicken, then enjoy this video!

This band is a blend of country, bluegrass, and Christian music, and all three have a good sound!  I was contacted by the band to promote them on Geek Alabama, and they really have some good music!  Here is another music video from them called “Christian Country Girl.”

Do you want to learn more about The Red Roots, buy their songs and merchandise, read their blog, and learn where they will be performing next, go to:

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