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My Mother’s Day Message To My Mother, And I Address The Geek Alabama Critics


So today is Mother’s Day, and I wanted to write this post and talk about my own mom.  And let’s just say, my relationship with my mom has been very interesting.  For starters, this is not going to be your average Mother’s Day post, and if I offend some of you out there, I apologize, since this post is going out to a lot of people, it’s going to go viral.  My relationship with my mom has been rocky to say the least.  For starters, she talks about how I divided her relatives, when it was the relatives telling me stuff about her.  Second, she gets frustrated because I can not hold down a job, sorry I am looking for my 14th job in seven years, having a disability and trying to work does not mix very well.  And three, my mom thinks I lie a lot, and that is also not true.  I wanted to share a few excerpts from a e-mail she sent me a few weeks ago.

 “As for your email, you are doing it again. I did not find it interesting, I found it to be whining and “Poor, poor, me” AGAIN. Your brother is working. He is using his CDL. You have one and you can find a job trucking. Your blog is a HOBBY. Your readers are not, and will not support you. Go ahead and write another blog about how your “relative” said that your readers will not support you. It did not work the first time you tried it.”

“Why is it that your brother can get a trucking job, but you can’t? He had an accident in his new job and got fired. He had another job in one week!!!  NO MORE EXCUSES. NO MORE LIES. Get off your ass and apply for a trucking job. There is a 75% turnover rate in the trucking industry and there are always jobs available.  You WILL NOT get a job writing blogs. It’s time to be an adult, and take responsibility for yourself. The free ride is over. Quit whining and putting your hand out for others to give you money.”

“I’m sure you will have an excuse for this as well, but don’t bother. 50% of what you say has turned out to be lies. I have stopped believing.  Apply for trucking jobs. Your blog will lead to your being homeless. You are at the end of the free ride and you have alienated anyone that was willing to help. Apply for any trucking job that you can find on the internet. Have I said this enough?  So go on your blog and repeat the same story. It did not work before. You have one more month of rent out of me AND THAT IS IT. I am sure that you will post this as well. You have trashed me before on the internet, and I have grown numb to this. So go ahead and do your worst. You WILL NOT “shame” me into helping you any more.”

So let’s start with the truth, I have not trashed you on this website, I have also never mentioned you name on the website.  We have had arguments with councilors and you even tried to put me in a special needs class at the local mental health center, that did not last long.  As for why I can not apply for any trucking companies, you might want to read below, and it involves what happened at the last job, that I got fired from, and it resulted in a lawsuit, that I did not win.  Yes, I know this blog is more of a hobby, and I have been applying for many jobs, in fact, I have applied to over 1000+ jobs now, with only one interview.  The problem, is because of where I live, read below.

As for applying myself, I have covered many things to get my name out there!  I volunteered my time for a local TV station here in Anniston, and they never acknowledged my work!  The newspaper here in town also thinks I should go away, and I know this, because I have chatted with former employees.  I have even made a visual resume that has around 7,000 views now!  It sounds like you think I am a lazy person who does not care about anyone, and no, I am not whining and have not alienated everyone who knows me.

I have had a major and rocky relationship with my father, who abused me a lot, and now I am having a major and rocky relationship with my mother.  I am sorry having Asperger’s Syndrome is resulting in me being more of a quiet person, which translates in no one wanting to hire me.  I am sorry I have made a lot of mistakes which have resulted in things being broken.  And I am sorry I can not hold down a job.  I moved to different parts of this country a few years ago to find work, because East Alabama is economically dead.  It did not work out, and I ended back up here.  If things don’t improve soon, I am afraid we all are going to end up on Dr. Phil, and that would be embarrassing.

I am sorry we are having a tough relationship right now.  I am glad you have helped me since I have became unemployed, but complaining to me is not going to solve any problems.  I have tried to apply to jobs, and nothing has happened.  It’s not like I can head my resume to President Obama and President Bush.  Over the last 14 jobs, I have applied to over 3,000+ jobs.  It’s not because of my work experience, my education, my weight, or my looks, it’s mostly because of my personality and disability, and I never tell any employer I have an disability.  It’s just some people have better luck with being hired to jobs, and some people can never be hired on at all, and it’s a lot of bad luck!

Guess what, I have become very good at something since I have become unemployed again, and that is media stuff!  I have been complimented with my writing, reviews, pictures, and videos!  And I have even applied to jobs that would fit with what I do best!  I wish you would stop beating me down with what I am doing, and start celebrating what I do best!  If I was not a successful media person, I would have never worked with all of these great companies below!  And I would not be doing chats with TV networks, that is fun!

I wanted to share a few secrets I have kept from you.  First off, yes I do have a car, that is broken down, but did you know I have paid the car insurance on it each month, because it’s state law, if a car is in a parking lot/apartment property you have to pay insurance, thank a police officer for pointing that out for me.

Second, you gave me some money here and there for the bus system here in Anniston, but did you know I can not ride the bus system anymore.  No, I am not banned.  It’s because they can not stop anywhere along Greenbrier Dear Rd., and all businesses along the road have banned them from entering their parking lots, which means no more bus service!

And three, after the lawsuit from the delivery company, which I did not win, the state of Alabama suspended my license.  Because I violated federal laws, I have kept that secret from you, but now you know I guess.

I’m sorry mom, but the Anniston/Oxford metro area is done!  The Anniston Star had an article last week talking about the Anniston/Oxford area having the WORST unemployment spike in America for the last 12 months.  I have also talked about the Milken Institute and the list of 179 small metro areas saying the Anniston / Oxford area is the second worst performing small metro area in America for 2013.  You also have the Talladega/Sylacauga area as the 5th poorest area in America.   Plus the article that ranked Gadsden as the 4th poorest city in America.   And it’s a mega recipe for disaster.  And the only way to prevent this disaster is for me to move away from Anniston and East Alabama, and there is no other choice available.

Mom, I am thankful you have paid my apartment bill since my unemployment ran out, but you keep thinking there are jobs available in Anniston/Oxford, when there are no jobs available.  Thousands of people, including some I know from the chamber and other events, have moved away from Anniston/Oxford because of the problems in the local economy, even you moved away after being laid off from this area.  Keeping me here is doing no good!  I want you to save you money, and the only way that is going to happen, is for me to move to Birmingham, Huntsville, Auburn, or another city, every other metro area in America is doing better than Anniston/Oxford!  If I moved, I would find a job a lot quicker! It’s like Anniston/Oxford is in a WWE wrestling match, and the metro area is down for the count, one, two, three, ding, ding, ding, it’s over!

Before I wrap up this post, I wanted to address the critics of this blog.  There are not too many critics, but there are some out there, including some from my own family.  Guess what, if this blog was not successful, it would not be ranked as one of the top websites in Alabama and the southeast, as of Mother’s Day, the Alexa worldwide ranking is around 145,000, out of 30+ million websites!  My website is ranked ahead of many TV stations and newspaper websites, and this website is all done by one person, me!  The newspapers and TV stations have a staff full of people, and I am running a website without getting any money, sounds fishy right?  You would think a TV station, newspaper, or news website would hire me on, and I have tried to be hired on, but with no success.

So, there are five things most critics criticize me on.

1. I don’t cover what people in Alabama want the most, sports and politics

Geek Alabama mostly avoids all of that politics and sports talk.  Yes, here and there I do a sports or politics related post.  I pick the Iron Bowl winner each year and I might talk about the corrupt Alabama Legislature too.  In fact, I try and go out once a week and take high school sports pictures!  Like the picture above, I love promoting high school athletes, and the schools likes me covering them!

2. I am not spreading myself out enough

Well. I have built a great fanbase and audience, all without spending one cent on advertising.  I have promoted hundreds of crowdsourcing projects, TV shows, movies, products, small businesses, events, and more!  And most of the time I cover someone’s project, event, or business, I get a thank you e-mail or thank you response on social media, I enjoy the thank you’s!

3. I am not looking hard enough for jobs

That’s not true, I spend some time everyday looking for jobs, in fact, I have now applied for over 1000+ jobs and had only one interview.  In addition to the job applications, I have been to 14 job fairs, including the one in the picture above, where I stood outside for 3 hours in 90 degree heat in business clothing, not fun!  I have also marketed myself with my visual resume with 7,000 views now!  So I am trying, the problem is Anniston/Oxford is one of the worst places to find jobs, in America!  That does not help!

4. I am lazy because I am on food stamps and applying for disability

What can I do, I have been unemployed for three years now with no luck.  My next job would also be my 14th job in seven years, yes you heard that right.  No, I am not lazy, I job search every day, and I write, take pictures, take video, and more!  I am a very hard worker and I work around 16 hours a day, with the rest of the time devoted to sleep.  I am not lazy, I just live in an area with a very bad unemployment problem, hence why I will have to move.

5. Geek Alabama is not successful

That is far from the truth!  If Geek Alabama was not successful, my Alexa rankings would not be around 145,000 worldwide, making my site one of the top blogs/websites in Alabama and the southeast.  The problem is some media people in TV, radio, and newspapers views me as a problem.  Especially the media folks here in the Anniston area.   The reason why most blogs are ranked very high is because the writers go on the radio, go on TV, or have columns in major websites.  For me, I have tried to get a regular radio, TV, or major website segment, and I have been rejected every time!

So, I don’t know what is going to happen next.  I hope something changes and I get some cash flow so I can accept the advertisers wanting to come on Geek Alabama.  And a major website, TV station, or radio station gives me that shot to prove myself and that I can do it!  When you have been rejected thousands of times now, it starts to take a toll on your emotional health, it does, don’t tell me being rejected thousands of times would not affect you emotionally, because we are human.  I wonder what is going to happen at the end of May?

If I do suddenly get evicted, I would have the highest Alexa and social media counts in the country, and be homeless at the same time.  That would make national news and embarrass Alabama.  So right now, I am starting to scout potential homeless spots in downtown Birmingham, because being homeless in Anniston would not be practical.  I just want someone to give me a chance, and I have already proven myself, that is all!  I have shown my spirit to many other people, I like to help out other people, which I have done.  In fact, many people who knows me have called me a “Southern Gentlemen”, how nice!  I have the proof in the pudding to be successful, I just need someone to give me that chance!  I also have dreams as well!

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