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Zebra Deaths On Inside Edition / Chara Kelley Testing Google Glass


Today, I have got two stories from Alabama that have national implications, one story will air on national TV, the other story features new technology!

Inside Edition Zebra Story

First of all, I got very sick to my stomach when I heard that two zebras were shot to death at a farm in Blount County.  I am a huge animal lover, and hearing that someone had the guts to kill two innocent zebras was sad to hear.  To recap the story, two zebras named Zippy and Zena were found shot to death on February 22nd at Sherrod Farm in Oneonta, Alabama.  The two zebras that were dead has holes in them bleeding from the mouth.  The family has been trying to find out who did this stupid act, and a reward for information leading to an arrest has been increased to $10,000.

Now, the news magazine show Inside Edition is going to air a story tonight about this sad story.  Zebras Zippy and her daughter Zena, were rescue animals.  And the Blount County Sheriff’s Department and the District Attorney are hoping to make an arrest soon.  Maybe whoever did this will turn themselves in after seeing this story go on national television?  Sadly, there have been other animals like sheep and horses shot and killed in this area.  Do some people have nothing better to do than shoot innocent animals to death?  I hope whoever shot these zebras is caught.  In the Birmingham TV Market, Inside Edition airs on FOX 6 at 6:30 pm.  To find where Inside Edition airs in your area, go to:

Like the Zippy And Zena Facebook page at:

Chara Kelley Google Glass

Someone in Alabama has a pair of Google’s newest product called Glass.  Chara Kelly from Rainbow City got a pair of the glasses after entering and winning a contest to beta test the glasses by submitting to Twitter and Google Plus what she would do if she got Google Glass.  And yes, Chara even recorded her own TV interview on FOX 6 last night with Google Glass.

Chara has been to SXSW, Spain, Netherlands, Egypt, and other countries to demonstrate what Google Glass can do.  Chara is only one of only 8,000 people in Alabama and the world who are testing out the next big thing in technology.  And if you want to follow along with Chara with her adventures with Google Glass, follow her on Google Plus at:, on YouTube at:, and on Twitter @ExplorerChara.

Too bad I don’t have $1,500 to explore Google Glass as well.  Keep up with people using Google Glass with the hashtag #throughglass

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