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Google Hangout with AJC and Mara Davis


Today was my first time ever I did a Google Hangout.  I was part of a discussion with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and radio DJ Mara Davis who is out of work (like me!)  Sure; part of the mission of Geek Alabama is to talk about and cover things in NE Alabama/NW Georgia.  But at times this blog will dive into issues in Birmingham and Atlanta.  I did talk about the ever-changing Atlanta radio landscape and that brought in a lot of eyeballs.

The people participating in the hangout were Rodney Ho who talks about radio and TV on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mara Davis whose last job was a DJ at Dave FM, Nathan Young (me) who is the writer for Geek Alabama, Don Kramer, and Barry Bynum.  The topics: discussing Atlanta’s crazy radio landscape, how Mara got into radio, what was behind Radio Free lunch and her experience at Dave FM.

I thought for a first-time experience the hangout went fine.  Sure there were a few technical hiccups but the hangout was great!  You never know; you maybe seeing more Google Hangouts from the AJC, Geek Alabama, Pigskin Roundup or another source in the future so stay tuned!

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Enjoy the video!

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