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Roadscapes Wednesday: Speed Kills Your Pocketbook


On this Roadscapes Wednesday post, I present to you this special video from British Columbia!  Does speed really kill?  Sometimes, yes, but when the speed limits are set artificially low, and enforcement is targeted to those areas where the limit is far below traffic speed, then all the speed kills campaign does is keep drivers complacent about paying fines that don’t improve safety.  Does this sound familiar?

In this video from Chris Thompson and the YouTube channel Six7Films, Chris investigates the culture and science surrounding speed enforcement in British Columbia, coupled with trademark Simpsons, Supertroopers, and Family Guy references for extra Geeky points!  This video has over one million views on YouTube and has gone viral, I wonder why?  Some people feels that some speed limits are set too low so the police can make money off of the driving public.  Here in East Alabama, over 40 miles of Interstate 20 was lowered to 55 after a women was killed from a piece of a pothole flying through the windshield.  No shocker, hardly anyone followed the 55 speed limit.

This video has made the media rounds up in British Columbia including this CTV News report.  Hopefully British Columbia will raise some speed limits to more common sense limits.

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