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Roadscapes Wednesday: Speed Trap Coming?


Many drivers hate the speed trap.  Most drivers will travel at a speed that they are comfortable driving in.  If that means a driver goes over the speed limit; then so be it!  The Anniston City Council has started to talk about reducing the speed limit on a stretch of busy road.  And I don’t see any need for the speed limit reduction!  Currently; a part of Greenbrier Dear Rd. in Anniston has a speed limit of 35.  The main reason is because of a dangerous curve going down the mountain.  Whenever the road is wet; accidents do occur.  The rest of the 4-lane road has a speed limit of 45.

I can get why a part of Greenbrier Dear Rd. has a 35 speed limit.  The part of the road with a curve going down the mountain is dangerous.  It’s even worse when its wet!  Many wrecks have occurred on this part of road.

Even in the speed limit 35 zone; many drivers still goes 45.  The city police loves to camp out right behind the speed limit 35 sign to catch people going too fast down the mountain. So now there is discussions to reduce the speed limit to 35 from Quintard Ave. to Hillyer Robinson Parkway.  Basically the entire 4-lane road over Greenbrier Mountain would be 35.  And in my opinion; this would be a huge speed trap.  I believe most drivers would not obey the speed limit and still go 45.  Looking at the pictures below, the road is up to standards for a speed limit of 45.

The road is about to get repaved so there will be a temporary speed limit reduction.  But if this speed limit 35 plan is going to be permanent; I see this as a speed trap.  The city police will be camping out in certain spots to pull over the victims speeders.   On the website called The National Speed Trap Exchange.  There are already several listings from people talking about the Greenbrier Dear Road speed limit 35 drop.

Most drivers will not follow the speed limit of 35 and will continue going 45 over Greenbrier Mountain.  I will still go 45 over the mountain!  In my opinion; most drivers will view this as a revenue enhancer for the City of Anniston.  Since I am still out of work, I could take up the task of warning drivers of a cop ahead.  But I probably will not do that; I don’t want to end up like this woman in the video below who was arrested.


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