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Music Thursdays: Bringing Jennifer Knapp to Birmingham


Jennifer Knapp is a very talented Christian music singer.  She has released several albums and has recorded many songs.  She even has been featured on Larry King Live!  Although she is a talented singer, there is one different thing about Jennifer Knapp.  She is lesbian Christian singer.  In 2010, Knapp decided to come out that she was a lesbian.  Now, a group of Samford University students, alumni, and faculty from SAFE Samford, are working to raise around $6,000 to bring Jennifer Knapp to Birmingham in November to coincide with the university’s homecoming.

SAFE Samford (Students, Alumni, & Faculty for Equality) needs to raise about $3,000 more to bring Jennifer Knapp to Birmingham for a November 16th performance.  The contract has already been signed, and a deposit has already been made.  So far, a venue has not been found but this event would be held off of the Samford campus.  Jennifer Knapp would perform one of her very special Inside Out Faith performances, in which she performs some of her award-winning songs and discusses her journey as a person of faith and member of the LGBTQ community.

SAFE Samford are excited about the opportunity to show the local community that being a person of faith and being gay aren’t mutually exclusive identities.  They know they can’t wipe out homophobia in every religious community, but they do think they can make the world a safer place for people who are struggling with how their sexual identity connects with their spiritual identity.  The best way to fight fear and prejudice is by starting a conversation, which is exactly what they will do with Jennifer Knapp.

Jennifer Knapp does perform some great music!  One of her songs is titled “When Nothing Satisfies.”  I think you will enjoy listening to this song!

To help bring Jennifer Knapp to Birmingham, donate by going to:

Learn more about Jennifer Knapp at:  Follow her on Facebook at: and on Twitter @jennifer_knapp

Learn more about SAFE Samford at:

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