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TV Reviews: Mythbusters 10th Anniversary / Swamp’d on Animal Planet


On this edition of Geek Alabama TV Reviews.  I will dive into the 10th anniversary of the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters and talk about the Animal Planet Show Swamp’d!  Let’s get started!

Mythbusters 10th Anniversary

Mythbusters has been on the air busting or confirming popular urban myths for 10 years now.  The show started way back in 2003 and has gained lots of new fans with each passing season!  Turning ten is a very big deal for any TV show.  Usually by the 10th season of any TV show, the writing gets stale and the show gets old.  Not many TV shows reach a 10th season!  Mythbusters is different because the show has not gotten stale!  The main cast featuring Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, along with Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara have been applying the scientific method to test everything from internet memes, movie magic, and popular urban myths!

Mythbusters has over 220 episodes under its belt, and I don’t think the show is going to slow down anytime soon!  Many kids watching the first season back in 2003 have become the new generation of geeks thanks to this show.  What I like about Mythbusters is they use real science to test a myth.  Each myth test features several modes of testing from a model to the real thing.  And everything is recorded including using a super slow-mo camera which I love!  You see plenty of explosions, falling down, car crashes, duct tape, gunfire, crazy stuff, and teamwork in every episode!

I can’t think of another show that is better than MythBusters!  The show is appropriate for the entire family and kids and adults learns new stuff in every episode.  There are some interesting topics coming in the 10th season of Mythbusters that I think you are going to enjoy!  If you enjoy watching TV shows that promotes the use of science and teamwork, you are going to like Mythbusters.  If you somehow avoided Mythbusters over the last 10 years, give an episode a chance!

New episodes air on Wednesday night at 8 central on Discovery!  Learn more about Mythbusters at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @MythBusters.

Swamp’d on Animal Planet

The swamps in Louisiana have become very popular on TV!  Everything got started with Swamp People on History Channel.  This show has done very well in the ratings and has lots of fans!  New shows from the Louisiana swamp have also popped on TV including Swamp Pawn on CMT, Duck Dynasty on A&E, and this show called Swamp’d on Animal Planet.  This show features the P’Maws Bait Shack in Pierre Part, Louisiana.  The shop is open 24/7 and yes, some interesting things happen at this shop!

So I know you are asking, why is this show on Animal Planet when the network should be focusing on animal related issues?  P’Maw’s Bait Shack is the place for one stop shopping in the Louisiana swamp.  Open 24/7, the store serves a community of colorful characters living in the small town of Pierre Part.  Whether it’s selling unique bait or hunting for bullfrogs, there’s nothing shop owner and unofficial mayor, P’Maw, won’t do for his customers.  P’Maw and his family works together to run the shop, fulfill the odd requests of the locals, and take care of his beloved small town in the bayou.  Yes, you do see lots of animal related stuff in the show.

Anytime another TV show is based out of the southeast, it brings good things to the entire region.  Seeing shows like Swamp’d, Swamp People, and Duck Dynasty makes the south a great place to visit.  These TV shows are helping to remove the negative stereotype some people have of the south.  You should give Swamp’d a chance!  New episodes airs on Friday nights at 7 central on Animal Planet.  To learn more about Swamp’d go to:

Follow the P’Maw’s Bait Shack Facebook page at:

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