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The Mythbusters Zombie Special Airs Tonight


Halloween is here!  And zombies are so hot right now because The Walking Dead scored huge rating numbers for it’s fourth season premiere!  Now, the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters is taking viewers inside the zombie world to test some myths.  Hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman along with Walking Dead star Michael Rooker shot a MythBusters/Walking Dead episode featuring over one hundred zombies, I mean undead volunteers.

The team will be putting humans to the test, to see if we stand a chance when it comes to surviving a zombie invasion.  In the special tonight, the team will visit Greg Nicotero from KNB EFX Group.  This group has worked on many movies and shows like Night of the Living Dead, Day of the Dead, Amy of Darkness, The Walking Dead, and even Breaking Bad.

Some lessons about zombies.  They’re not very quick and move slowly, they’re attracted to sound and light, and they’re not very smart.  If you are ever in the zombie apocalypse, make sure you don’t get overrun with too many of them, or you will be eaten alive.  Tune in tonight to see if the Mythbusters team can survive a hoard of zombies or your hope for staying alive in the zombie apocalypse will be dashed.  The Mythbusters Zombie Special airs tonight at 10/9 pm central on Discovery Channel.

Here’s the disclaimer you will see tonight at the beginning of the show.   “WARNING! The following show contains gruesome images of the undead being hacked, whacked and smacked,” it reads. “Viewer discretion is advised. In addition, do not try what you are about to see at home — all zombies used in this show were undead experts.”

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