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Roadscapes Wednesday: Quintard Dr. Traffic Light Replacements


If you drive along AL-21 / Quintard Dr. in Oxford.  You are noticing every traffic light intersection is being replaced with new traffic light poles and new traffic lights.  One intersection has already been replaced.  The Quintard Dr. / AL-21 and Snow St. intersection has brand new light poles and traffic lights.  Also, new traffic light sensors have been put in.  One big problem already is the short amount of time given for cars wanting to turn left onto Snow St.  Multiple cars are running the red light.  Watch the video below!

Here is what the intersection looked like before.

And here is what the intersection looks like today.

Brand new traffic light sensors were installed.  My question is how long they will last?  The construction people did a bad job putting the cables in the ground.  You can easily see where they cut into the ground.

The next intersection at AL-21 / Quintard Dr. and U.S. 78 / Hamric Dr. is undergoing a traffic light replacement.  As you can see, another poor job laying the cables in the ground. You can see how dim these traffic lights are.  Glad they are being replaced!

The new traffic lights and poles at Recreation Dr. and Quintard Dr. / AL-21 are already hung up.  They just need to be turned on and the old traffic lights and poles taken down.

The traffic lights and poles at Quintard Dr. / AL-21 and Grace St. are going to be replaced soon.  And the traffic lights and poles at Quintard Dr. / AL-21 and Plaza Ln. are already replaced.  The traffic light sensors have not been activated yet.

Overall, this project was badly needed!  I hope the state has plans to synchronize all of these lights!

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