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Roadscapes Wednesday: Power Outage


I know this is a simple question to ask but answer this.  What do you do when you approach a traffic light that is out?  If you are in Alabama; the answer for most drivers is to not stop.  But the actual answer is to treat the intersection as a 4-way stop.  After the severe storm came through the Anniston area last Sunday the traffic light intersection at Quintard Ave. and Greenbrier Dear Rd. was out.  Tell that to the numerous drivers I witnessed that did not care seeing this light was out and blew right through it.  I also witnessed two police cars that did not stop which was in my belief disrespectful.  The police tells us how to drive right and then they break the law as well.  I also witnessed one car going around 80 mph though the intersection and two accidents that almost occurred.

For you people who live outside of Alabama and wonders if this is how we like to drive; the answer is yes!  Alabama has many drivers who drive dangerously and we always rank high in the number of deadly wrecks and last year Alabama was number 1 in the country for the number of deadly wrecks caused by speeding.  I made this video to show all of you a great lesson on what to do when a traffic light is out.  Enjoy!

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