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Roadscapes Wednesday: CC Road / McIntosh Road Accident


A fatal car accident has shaken up the Oxford Alabama community.  On Saturday morning a car accident killed 16 year-old Brittney Bonner and 19 year-old James Michael “Trey” Phillips III when the truck went across McIntosh Road and hit a tree.  Another truck driven by 19 year-old Steven Horton was involved in the crash and is recovering from injuries in a Birmingham hospital.  The teens were riding in mud around the Kentuck ORV trails in the Talladega National Forest.  Both trucks were found on the same side of the road and were found 20 feet apart after both struck trees along the roadside.  You can read more about the accident and hear from the families who lost loved ones right before Christmas at the link:–16–killed-in-weekend-car-accident?instance=home_news

I went out to the intersection where the wreck happened and I did not find anything wrong with the intersection.  The stop sign is clearly visible and you can see it from a good distance.

Sure, you could place a stop ahead sign at this location where I took the photo.  Any vehicles would have plenty of time to stop.

When you look at the actual intersection of CC road and McIntosh Road, there is a small hill and curve that limits sight distance on one side.  On the other side there is plenty of sight distance.  The intersection is right on the Calhoun/Talladega county line.

The speed limit on CC Road is only 25 and 45 on McIntosh Road.  So one has to ask if the teens were driving too fast.  You could also question if there were brake problems on the truck from the mud or if the teens were distracted while driving.  Yes many teenagers love their phones.

The families of the victims have already placed roadside memorials at the accident site.  You can still see little pieces from the wrecked cars and plenty of black from the fire that occurred at this site.

While I am talking about McIntosh Road.  Calhoun County needs to paint some white lines along the sides of this road.  The speed limit in this area is 45 and when its dark or raining the lack of white lines is dangerous on this narrow road.

I was told by someone on social media that the teens that were killed were in one of the photos I took during the Oxford Christmas Parade.  Yes you have my permission to save this photo.

I hate it when another teen loses their life by not wearing a seat belt.  I wrote this post about the dangers of driving while distracted and not wearing a seat belt.  It’s sad when you lose a loved one right before Christmas.

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