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Santa Avery Robertson 2012 In Oxford Alabama


Here in Oxford Alabama someone is putting on the familiar red suit and waving to people passing by at his house.  And he even wants you to honk your car horn!  This is the second year Avery Robertson is sitting in a sleigh being pulled by huge wooden reindeer.  He goes out each night and waives to the traffic passing by along McIntosh Road in Oxford.  Along with him waving to traffic, the entire yard is decked out with many Christmas decorations.

It takes many Christmas decorations and flood lights to make the entire yard look like a Christmas wonderland.  On Friday and Saturday nights people are invited to come out to enjoy some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.  You can sing along with some Christmas carols and the kids can sit in Santa’s lap.  Avery Robertson will continue to do this all the way until Christmas.  So if you are driving along McIntosh Road and see Santa waving at you, honk your car horn!

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Here is a video and some pictures of the time I went out last Saturday night, enjoy!

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