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The Ever Changing Atlanta Radio Landscape


Wow!  It has been one crazy roller coaster ride on the Atlanta radio dials.  First Project 96.1 went off the air and was replaced by Power 96.1 that is backed by Ryan Seacrest.  Then 99X was replaced with 98.9 The Bone.  And now Journey 97.9 has been replaced with a hybrid Q100 station that only plays the top 20 hits.  It has been one crazy ride in the Atlanta Metro.  Just like this song from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

There is now six hit music stations in Atlanta.  Along with Power 96.1 there is also Star 94.1, B 98.5, WiLD 105.7 & 96.7, Q 100 and the Q 100 Top 20 hybrid.  I do think this is way too many hit music stations for one radio market to take.  The rock fans have been the ones that were screwed in the process.  Project 96.1 was murdered for another hit music station and the other adult rock station 92.9 Dave FM is going to become a sports talk station soon.  Sure 99X being replaced by 98.9 The Bone will bring a little sense of comfort for rock fans but the signal is so weak you might as well not even count that station.

I live in Anniston, AL and whenever I come over to the Atlanta Metro I already have a preset of stations set in my car to listen too.  Along with Project 96.1 I have Rock 100.5, Star 94.1, Q 100, Kiss 102.7 out of Carrollton, and a hip-hip station on my presets.  The next time I come over to Atlanta I will have a lot of presets in my car changing for sure!  Once in a while I do like to listen to the latest hit music on the airwaves.  But I really liked my rock as well!  Project 96.1 had a great rock soundtrack I could listen too.  And the crazy radio company giants Clear Channel and Cumulus have declared war on each other to see who can be the most greedy.

I feel bad for the people who live in the Atlanta Metro who now have multiple stations to hear what Adele, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and others have to offer.  If you are a teenager or young adult this radio shift is the greatest thing to happen to you because if one station has a commercial break; you have five other hit music stations you can listen too.  If you are a person who enjoys a variety of music like classic hits or rock you are s**t out of luck in Atlanta.  I would encourage all of you to listen to Album 88 which is operated by students at Georgia State University.  At least they have some common sense!

I would also encourage rock fans to buy satellite radio or listen to Rock 100.5 and 97.1 The River.  Hopefully they are listening to the fans and they might start offering some new rock in the future.  In my opinion the radio landscape in Atlanta has always sucked!  Now with these latest changes the Atlanta Metro radio landscape has gone down in flames!  Or in Korn’s opinion; Coming Undone!

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