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2012 Birthday Week


It was so nice today that I decided to take a break from the blog.  The highs today was in the mid 80’s with very low humidity.  You just can not beat that in Alabama during mid-August.  But this week is a special week on Geek Alabama.  One; this blog is one year old!  I started this blog in August 2011 under the name Young’s Blog and renamed it Geek Alabama on April 2012.  And many people have come here to read the various posts I have put out.  And I thank you for that!  The other thing is on Wednesday August 15th is my birthday!  I will be turning 26 and that’s great!

The posts you will be seeing this week will be geared toward my favorite interests.  Click About Me up top to get an idea on what kind of posts you will be seeing this week.  And on Wednesday, on my birthday I will post about my wishes for the next year.  So please come back over the week and thanks for reading Geek Alabama!

And I did not forget about the Olympic Medal Count.  The United States finished with 104 medals.  This was a very successful year for the U.S.A.!

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