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Business Review: Jack’s Restaurants


A restaurant started in Homewood in 1960 and ever since that start Jack’s Family Restaurants has been a staple in Alabama.  Jack’s was a huge success when it first launched in the Birmingham Metro.  In fact the Jack’s Jingle is still in use today.  You’ll go back-back-back… to Jack-Jack-Jack’s… for more, more, more!  Jack’s offers your general American fast-food fare from burgers, chicken, and shakes.

All of its restaurants feature the classic Jack’s red logo on the outside.  And all of the restaurants feature the same design.  On the inside the restaurant has pictures from its 50 year past on its walls.  And the kitchen and things behind the counter are in open view.  So you can see the employees grilling the burgers, making the shakes and biscuits, and breading the chicken.  Even the sweet and unsweet tea is brewed fresh at its restaurants.  Most Jack’s now offer wi-fi and a TV.

The best things to get at Jack’s are the burgers, chicken, and shakes.  The burgers and even the bacon are grilled fresh at its restaurants.  I got a big bacon and fries.  The burger is not made until you order it.  And you can easily see the employees making the sandwiches after you order.

And the fries are special at Jack’s.  After they cook the fires they season them with popcorn salt.  You know; the buttery salt they put on top of popcorn.

The chicken at Jack’s is breaded fresh at its restaurants.  They sell chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, and pieces of chicken such as breasts and legs.  They also have sides you can choose from like mashed potatoes, green beans, and coleslaw.  Plus they have plenty of sauces to choose from for its tenders.

Another thing I recommend you get at Jack’s is the ice cream.  Each restaurant sells Blue Bell Ice Cream.  You can get ice cream cones or you can get the shakes.  And yes they scoop real ice cream and pour milk to make each shake fresh.

Jack’s also makes fresh biscuits from scratch for breakfast and for the chicken dinners.  Jack’s has always been an Alabama staple and will always be!  For more information about Jack’s go to

I find it weird that Jack’s is not involved in social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Google +.  You all really need to get on social media as many people in Alabama are fans!

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