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The New Geek Alabama Guest Post Policy


Since I am getting contacted by some people to do guest posts on Geek Alabama.  I am going to document the policies to do a guest post on this blog.

Guest posts on Geek Alabama must have something relevant on the world of technology, geeks, nerds, and the overall geek/nerd culture.  Posts talking about issues in Alabama may also be accepted, although if it’s really controversial, it will not be posted on Geek Alabama.  All blog posts must be family friendly, which means the articles are appropriate for families.  Geek Alabama will also not accept low-quality submissions.  Geek Alabama will not accept guest posts that are a sales pitch.  We reserve the right to edit your guest article.

All guest posts must have over 500 words.  All post must have less than 2000 words, unless approved ahead of time with Nathan Young.  Up to three pictures/embedded videos can be included in the guest post.  All images/videos should be properly attributed and have been credited.  Guest posters must give credit and site content where necessary.  Geek Alabama does not accept guest posts from authors whose sole purpose is link sharing.  We reserve the right to refuse content and remove links and bios from submitted posts.

The guest post will belong to Geek Alabama and the writer of the original post.  The article cannot be republished anywhere else.  You can share links to the post on social media accounts or other articles.  If the guest post is found on another website with the same wording, you will be asked to remove that post or your guest post will be deleted off of Geek Alabama.  Geek Alabama will not pay anyone to write a guest post on this blog.

What you will get when guest posting on Geek Alabama?

If you want to learn more about guest posting on Geek Alabama , contact Nathan Young at:  Check out our media/pr page at:

View our media kit one page below!

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