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Why Is Rainbow Omega Bringing In Hateful And Lying Tucker Carlson For Their Fundraiser?


When I found out that the local organization Rainbow Omega was going to bring in Tucker Carlson to be their guest speaker at their annual fundraiser, I was shocked.  As you know Tucker Carlson was hosting a nightly news program on Fox News Channel, until he got fired today.  And I think we all know why he got fired.

Tucker Carlson lies pretty much every time he opens his mouth.  He inspires hate, misinformation, and distrust on his former program every night.  He’d brought in guests every night that also encourage hate, bigotry, and putting down of certain groups of people.  So why would Rainbow Omega bring in a person like this to be their guest speaker?


We know many Republicans hate people with disabilities.  Tucker Carlson has said this numerous times on this show, and has name called, and lied about people with disabilities.  Rainbow Omega is a place for people with disabilities.  They provide residential and vocational opportunities to people with disabilities.

You would think a place like Rainbow Omega would bring in a guest speaker that would inspire anyone with a disability.  Tucker Carlson is the complete opposite of a person that inspires others.  I know why Rainbow Omega is bringing in Tucker Carlson, because they know Calhoun County and Talladega County lean more republican.

Rainbow Omega knows many of their donors to their facility tend to be Republican as well.  Heck, many of the people that run Rainbow Omega are probably Republican as well.  And now with Tucker Carlson out at Fox News, because of him lying and being hateful all the time, this is the perfect opportunity for Rainbow Omega to cut ties with Tucker Carlson and to tell him not to come to Alabama.

Rainbow Omega should instead bring in a guest speaker that inspires, and that person should be someone with a disability.  There are plenty of people out there with a disability that would be a great guest speaker for their fundraiser.  How about a Paralympian?  How about a celebrity with a disability?  How about a public figure with a disability?  How about a author with a disability?  How about a business leader with a disability?

And how about me?  I have a mental disability, I have appeared on a national television program, I have gotten to speak at many great events.  And I would be a perfect candidate to be a guest speaker at Rainbow Omega’s annual fundraiser.

But I see what Rainbow Omega wants to do.  They want to bring in someone that divides people, that makes people angry, that makes people believe in misinformation, and that makes people hate each other.

Rainbow Omega, shame on you.

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