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The Evening Post: The Power Of Women: A Tribute To The Trailblazers


On International Women’s Day, we’re paying tribute to the trailblazing women who defy expectations and proudly occupy unconventional spheres.

Meet Indian martial artist Meena Raghavan, and Baltimore bodybuilder Ernestine Shepherd who prove that age is just a number, as they train harder, hone their skills further and impart their wisdom to the next generation.

And, as the world works towards gender equality within science and technology, chemist Dr Kate Biberdorf proves the STEM subjects are not only open to all, but can be made thrilling. Check out her dry ice, foam cascades and dramatic combustions.

Then join Sandra Aguebor, the first female mechanic in Nigeria, in her workshop and scale walls with Ashina Shiraishi, who beat the odds to become a record-breaking rock climbing phenomenon before she could drive.

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