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See This Buying Guide For Solar Flood Lights


Does everyone want to illuminate their outdoor area without electricity? So, you need solar flood lights. Consumption of resources is increasing day by day. We, as citizens, need to control the use of resources.

The solar flood lights have high-intensity light with a wide beam. They are used to illuminate houses’ outdoors, especially the playing area, with extreme brightness. The solar flood lights have solar panels. These solar panels grab the sunlight and are also involved in the storage of solar energy. These solar flood lights have storage batteries that illuminate the light at night time. Modern solar flood lights have LED technology, so they power them. They have a broad variety of shapes and are used for pretty much purposes like security playing outdoor sports, especially at night illuminating billboards.

You must be looking for solar flood lights as the best investment for your hallways. Then there are the main considerations you need to concentrate on while buying solar flood lights.


Light Brightness:

The brightness of light should be so bright that you can easily differentiate between two little small things. This brightness is measured in lumens. This range varies according to the intensity of lights and the area of the home you need to illuminate. The lumen rating of these flood lights ranges between 300 – 800 lumens. Choose according to this guide.


Coverage Distance:

The brightness will tell you the power of its illumination, while the coverage distance will determine how much area it will illuminate. The best lights are those that can cover a large area, i.e. up to 100 square feet, which is near the ideality of most of the solar flood lights.


Besides these two major factors, you have to consider the other factors, for example:


There are 4 sorts of batteries utilized in solar flood lights, which are:


Battery type:

NiMH battery – They are usually less powerful and thus radiate low-power light. But these floodlights have a longer life span.

NiCAD or Lead Acid Battery – They are very powerful floodlights. They have high capacities.

Lithium Ion Battery – They are also powerful and the most preferred battery. They come with higher energies, but they have small sizes. Their lifespan is 2000 cycles. If we compare these flood lights to lead acid batteries, we’ll get to know that they are much more expensive than other types of batteries.


Battery capacity:

The capacity of the battery is the major factor when purchasing. The rechargeable battery capacity determines the maximum amount of energy a battery can store. The battery capacity is measured in ampere-hour (Ah) or milliampere-hour (mAh). The battery with higher flood lights is the better one. These batteries with higher mAh live longer.

Lead acid batteries have the highest capacity. Their capacity ranges from 4000 mAh to 6000 mAh.

Lithium-ion batteries have capacity ranges between 2000 mAH – 6000 mAH,

The NiMH batteries have a capacity of around 2000 mAH

The NiCAD batteries have a capacity of 600 mAH.

You need to consider the above guidelines while purchasing solar floodlights.

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