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Good News Fridays: Alabama Shoppers To Enjoy Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday July 15-17


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Post by Donna Cope from Alabama NewsCenter

It will be like “Christmas in summer” for shoppers taking advantage of the sales tax holiday from 12:01 a.m. Friday, July 15, through midnight Sunday, July 17.

With a national inflation rate of 9%, Alabama parents can take advantage of the savings associated with the state’s back-to-school sales tax holiday. This weekend, the state is waiving its 4% sales tax on school-related supplies and clothing. More than 300 cities and counties throughout Alabama will also waive their local taxes. In some areas the savings reach 10%, according to the Alabama Retail Association. Many stores will stay open later this weekend to allow patrons additional time to shop.

The annual sales tax holiday will help boost Alabama families at a time that costs are rising for everything from fuel to food and housing, said Nancy King Dennis, public relations director for the retail association.

Dennis said it’s actually a good time to buy. “People are always looking to save money,” she pointed out. “Right now, it’s especially a good time to buy clothing because lots of retailers, small and large, are discounting clothing. There’s a surplus of clothing.”

This is the 17th year for the sales tax holiday.

A wide range of items will be tax-exempt, including art supplies, diapers, flash or thumb drives, as well as printer ink and paper. Many department stores may offer special deals or discounts on school supplies and clothing, in addition to reduced or zero tax on these items:

Check the 2022 Participating Cities and Counties list to see whether your community is taking part in the tax-saver weekend. Click here for a list from the Alabama Department of Revenue of items eligible for this weekend’s tax break.

Learn more about the sales tax holiday at

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