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5 Helpful Tips In Finding The Best Home For Your Clients


Every realtor wants to bring the best service possible to clients. This will lead to referrals and future sales. Knowing what appeals to your customer is not always enough. Having the right tools of the trade will give you the professional edge to increase your sales and customer satisfaction.


Selecting a good location is a no-brainer for realtors. However, having a general idea of your client’s desires and price range can be a challenge when it comes to reality. The naked eye does not always present the facts for a growing or slipping neighborhood value. Being able to measure past, present, and future pictures of a location will give you knowledge that is often hidden from competitors. Explain to clients the importance of investing in a location other than the property itself for a pleasant unseen benefit.


Neighborhood Assessment

Being able to assess the status of the desired neighborhood can win you points before stepping foot in a prospective home. There are many sites on the internet to enhance your education on the current trends and analysis of neighborhoods. Find a good software that delivers accessibility, appearance, and amenities that are critical to buyers. Easy access to roads, public transportation, and nearby parks is desirable to future homeowners. The rural scene is growing and a good understanding of how roads are maintained and the number of property shade trees is often overlooked. These are important for a comfortable setting when buying a home.


Research the Curb Appeal

The choices in homes that a realtor selects for viewing can often make or break the trust in an agent. According to the National Association of Realtors, 97% of potential buyers base their interest in a property on the appearance and maintenance of a home. While software and online staging can provide a current view of a property, it may be worth a realtor’s time to make a quick drive-by before showtime. Negative surprises can waste valuable time in selling a home.


Size and Floor Plan

Stick with the preferences of the customer on the size of a home. Some realtors base their selection of potential properties on a client’s financial status. This can be a huge mistake. In the past, downsizing only applied to the senior population. However, the trend of today leans more toward saving money on utilities and maintenance. Find out what your client’s current living situation is and work forward. They may have a future financial budget that doesn’t include the upkeep of a large home. A good floor plan can save space and provide the same necessities that a buyer is looking for. Single-family homes are popular as opposed to condos. The layout of a home can often be a major selling point for a family if there is sufficient storage space. Communicate with your client to determine what their future goals are in selecting a home.


Home Inspections

Home inspections should always be suggested to new home buyers. There are so many hidden issues that a home can have. Poor foundations, aged roofing, plumbing problems, and insufficient HVAC are a few of the areas that are never realized until it is too late. It can work in your favor to have a list of reputable home inspection companies on file to share with your prospective buyers. A qualified business, like San Diego Home Inspection Company, can provide the knowledge needed for price negotiation and avoiding present and future maintenance problems.

Technology has provided new and needed information for realtors to do less manual research on listings. Buyers also have access to much of this information. Taking your skills to the next level can set you apart from other realtors by providing additional information and your expertise in the real estate field. Listen to the desires of your clients and use the tools available to you. Realtor software can be an amazing way to begin your search for finding the right property. Location, neighborhoods, curb appeal, home size, and home inspections are key in providing your customers with the results that they want and need. Use the tools of technology, communicate with clients, and research your selected properties before a showing and the desired sale.

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