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Good News Fridays: Help Tigers For Tomorrow Build A Wolf Annex


Welcome to the Good News Fridays segment! Each week here on Geek Alabama, Good News Fridays will feature something good, wholesome, positive, and overall something great. After a long and stressful week, we all need something good to read or watch on Fridays! Enjoy a heartwarming post below!

The folks from Tigers For Tomorrow need your help!  There are five wolf dogs from Michigan that need to be relocated.  Tigers For Tomorrow wants to bring these five wolf dogs to their facility in Alabama.  They need to lay wire to create a dig free perimeter in their future exhibit and cover the cost of transporting them.

The sanctuary these wolf dogs are currently in is closing, and to prevent them from being euthanized by court order, Tigers For Tomorrow wants to bring them to Alabama.


There are many ways to donate:

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