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The Right Way To Store Your Green Screen


A green screen is a foundational tool for operating special effects in video production. A green screen is convenient because it is lightweight and versatile, but it requires special care when being stored to preserve the quality. Whether you’re learning how to use a portable green screen or planning to store a larger version in your studio, it’s important to review the right way to store your green screen to avoid compromising its performance with wrinkles in the material or other external damages.

Evaluate the Type

Before deciding on the right way to store your green screen, it’s important to consider the type of green screen you have. If you have a portable green screen that’s designed for mobility, it’s going to have some differences in its storage process compared to a standard pull-down green screen backdrop.


Utilize Storage Equipment

A standard purchase of a green screen is likely to be manufactured with tools to help you store it. If you invest in a green screen kit, you’ll receive a travel carrier to help mobilize your green screen and provide storage. Invest in a protective covering for your green screen to avoid wear and tear when handling.


Practice Folding Techniques

Where you store your green screen is no more important than how you store it. The technique of folding your green screen is necessary for proper storage and to help minimize space when required. The folding technique you use also depends on the type of green screen you have. If you have a larger green screen, you’ll have a sweep of excess material at the bottom that requires additional folding.

When positioning your green screen for storage, avoid placing it against the wall or flat on the ground to prevent warping the material. If you’re going to transport your green screen via case, take the time to practice efficiently removing and placing the green screen back in its case to avoid damaging or wrinkling the material on set.

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