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Explore 5 Reasons To Get Your Child A Fish


If you are in the market for getting your child a pet, you would be wise to consider getting a fish. This is a great choice as children usually do not have the time or money needed for a pet such as a cat or a dog. Fish also make ideal starter pets for families not sure about taking on the commitment of a new animal. Here are five reasons that will sell you on getting a fish as your next pet.

Teaches Responsibility

There is no doubt that a fish is one of the best pets to teach children responsibility. A fish is something that even the youngest children can learn to take care of. You can teach your child how to feed them daily, how to help to clean the tank, and more.

Your children will pick up valuable life skills as they take ownership of these responsibilities. Taking care of fish will also help to teach children the inevitable teachings about the circle of life and how to deal with death.


Easy to Maintain and Affordable

Compared to other pets, fish are incredibly easy to maintain. Once you get them an aquarium set up, you will find that it almost takes care of itself. With the right tools and accessories, it is easy to provide a safe home for your fish. For example, the use of pure sulfur prills in your tank makes it a breeze to care for the plant life that resides alongside your favorite fish.

You will also save on costly vet bills with a fish when compared to more traditional pets. Additionally, fish do not require a lot of expensive bedding, toys, food, and other items that you may need for other types of pets. Because they are largely independent, you also do not need to spend money boarding them when you travel.


May Help Lower Their Stress Levels

There is something calming about watching a fish glide through the water. Fish bring a certain level of calmness to a home that cannot be achieved with any other types of pets. Your child may find it relaxing to sit and watch the fish. You yourself may even want to see if the calming effects of a fish may help.

This new addition to your home can benefit more than just your child. Studies have also shown that fish in the home may reduce anxiety levels. Some medical professionals also recommend fish as a therapeutic for older people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Lastly, fish have been shown to potentially improve productivity in the workplace. This is why it is not uncommon to see fish tanks in office settings or as a vehicle to bring calm to hospital waiting rooms.


Fish Do Not Take Up Space

Fish are a good choice for people living in small quarters that do not have a lot of space to devote to a pet. While you can certainly go all out with a fancy aquarium and all of the works, you can also choose a more simple fishbowl. You can choose the size of fish tank that fits your home and the space that you have allotted for it. All that you will need is a space for the tank and a small cupboard to store the food and accessories.

In addition, since fish do not make noise, they make perfect choices for people living in apartments or other dwellings that do not allow noisy animals.


Makes a Great Hobby

Taking care of fish is a great hobby to try. The more that they learn about fish and how to build the best aquarium environment, the more that they may become passionate about this pastime. This small purchase may lead to unexpected results. It is not unusual for fish owners to take great pride in their aquariums, always wanting to add to them or make them better. This pride also extends to the variety of fish in their tanks. Some fish enthusiasts will take their hobby so far as to start breeding fish. There is no limit to how involved your child may get in this hobby.

These five reasons should convince you that fish belong in your home and will benefit your child. You will not regret bringing fish into your home for your family to love and enjoy.

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