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How To Receive A Patent: The Application Process


Receiving a patent is nothing short of research based with a partnership in patience. Read more to learn how to receive a patent and the application process. Take the time to evaluate your invention and plan your research. Communicate this research clearly and decide what kind of patent protection you’re interested in. Next, the application. Seek out professional help and ensure the job is done well.


Take the time to truly reflect on your invention. You’ll want to ensure success before you take the step to receive a patent. What makes it useful? What is the target market that you hope will use your invention? Next, evaluate if your creation has been created before and if it’d be easy to replicate. Consider different materials to make your invention one-of-a-kind and valuable. For example, if you have an injection molding technique that is similar to other techniques used in the market, you may want to do some more brainstorming.



This part of the process can be lengthy. Take the time to properly do you research. Search for relevant publications, presentations, sales brochures, patent applications or issued patents that compare to your product. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will ask this information of you. Ensure you disclose all publications, patents, and written documents that you found in your research. If you don’t, you may disqualify from your patent.



Decide what kind of patents you want to apply for and how they will protect your invention. A design patent will protect how the item looks. A utility patent will protect the way the item works and is used. Overlapping both patents will give your invention added value and protection. If you want to start the process for these patents, consider a provisional application. This will allow you to continue to make changes to your design along the way.



Drafting a patent is something that you want to do right the first time.  Follow this process diligently for how to receive a patent and the application process. If you’ve read the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and still feel uneasy, consider asking for professional help. A mistake in the process can cost you precious time and money. Don’t lose your important filing date trying to attempt the application on your own.

Regardless how you decide to pursue the application, keep in mind it takes a while to hear back. In fact, it can take up to a year or so. You may be asked to make revisions before your patent is accepted.

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