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Do Hybrid Or Electric Vehicles Cost More To Ship?


Getting your ideal vehicle delivered to your home or your dealership may take work on the part of the dealership. Arranging the shipping and getting the vehicle brought to you in a timely fashion can be quite costly. Depending on what you buy, the shipping price may be more than you expect.

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When planning out vehicle deliveries, auto shipping companies need to work within the limits of car transport trucks and hauling rigs. Car carriers have limited space; if they’re hauling trucks and SUVs, they can’t carry as many, so the delivery price will go up.

Current fuel prices will also impact the cost of vehicle delivery. Be aware that new rates for vehicle deliveries come out each week; the price that you got when you ordered the car may be different from the price that you got when the delivery occurs.



Electric cars are heavier than traditionally powered vehicles. For example, a Tesla S is actually heavier than a Honda Pilot SUV. This extra weight also limits what the carrier can ship as they are limited to 80,000 pounds on the road. This weight restriction includes

Not only does this mean that a new electric vehicle may cost more to ship, but the delivery of this vehicle may be delayed while waiting for a carrier with the extra weight capacity to haul it.



The carrier will also have to have enough insurance to cover the value of the more expensive electric cars. Because these hauling vehicles are quite specific, their insurance needs are quite expansive. Not only do they need to carry liability on the vehicle to cover any bodily injury or property damage caused by a wreck, but they need collision insurance to protect the driver and the rig, as well as cargo insurance to cover the value of the vehicles.

Not every car carrier will have enough insurance to cover electric vehicles. If you need an electric vehicle delivered to you as a private driver or to your vehicle dealership, you may have to pay a higher rate to cover the extra insurance.

Working with a car hauling company that has a strong safety record can reduce excess insurance fees, but rates on insurance coverage continue to climb. The rules and regulations for driving a car hauler are also quite stringent, so getting a driver to move your vehicle may take time to arrange.



Once your new electric vehicle has been found a spot on a car carrier, the process of moving it can also face challenges. While it won’t be delayed simply because it’s electric, car haulers carry vehicles out in the open air. While the dealership will certainly clean up the vehicle before it goes to the driver, there is always the risk of

Again, electric vehicles are heavier than those powered by traditional fuel. This extra weight may mean that your new electric vehicle has to be carried at a certain position on the car carrier, leaving it more vulnerable to the elements as it travels to your city.


Yes, Hybrid or Electric Vehicles Generally Cost More to Ship

Car carriers have to work within size limitations and weight tolerances. They also have to haul cars that will be completely covered by their insurance plan. Hauling an electric vehicle may mean that the car carrying company has to go back to their insurance carrier to get additional coverage, and not every hauler will be willing to do this.

Car hauling trailers also have to come into consideration. An older car hauler may have lower carrying capacities, and car haulers tend to ride quite low to the ground. The added weight of an electric vehicle could put the whole load at risk of curb damage and many drivers may not be comfortable with this risk.

Getting your electric vehicle moved across state lines or across the country may require you to pay an additional fee or hire a private hauler. Of course, as electric cars grow in popularity, the industry that moves them is also expanding.

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