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Explore 5 Unexpected Costs Associated With Weddings


If you and your fiance will be exchanging vows soon, you’ve likely already discovered how expensive it is to have a wedding. There are probably some costs you may not have considered during the wedding planning process. However, the sooner you get to the big day, the more hidden costs you’ll probably face.

When you’re prepared for the expenses associated with a wedding, you’ll be less stressed as you plan for one of the most important days of your life. Here are five unexpected costs associated with weddings that you should watch out for.

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1. Equipment for the Wedding Band

This is often a hidden fee or series of fees that you’ll have to pay the musicians at your wedding. You’ll not only have to pay for their time, but you may also have to cover the cost of the equipment they need to perform at your ceremony and reception. You may have to pay for microphones or speakers to make sure you’ve got great sound quality. The cost of equipment for the band could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You can avoid this if you clearly explain the layout of your venue to your DJ or wedding band so they’ll know what they’re working with. Have them sign a contract stating that they will bring additional equipment if necessary.


2. Wedding Dress Steaming and Alterations

Having your wedding dress altered or steamed may not be included in the price of your dress. These processes are time-consuming and may result in additional fees for you. Hemming your dress could be around $100 but rebuilding the bodice of the dress can cost up to $500 so make sure you ask about alteration charges before buying your gown so you’ll know what to expect.


3. Overtime Fees

If you’ve booked the wedding photographer, DJ, videographer, or band for a specific amount of time, you’ll have to pay overtime fees if your ceremony and reception run longer than expected. Some vendors charge up to $250 an hour and will continue to charge you after they’ve worked for the agreed amount of time. Make sure you factor in additional time so you can set a realistic time frame with your vendors. You should also get the policy about overtime hours in writing so you’ll know what to expect if the party lasts longer than expected.


4. Insurance for Wedding and Engagement Rings

The 2021 WeddingWire Newlywed Report states that the average proposer bought an engagement ring that was at least $5,500. The study also indicates that couples will spend less than $5,000 on the engagement ring and 18% will spend over $10,000. The results of the study show that engage ring costs vary depending on style, setting, metal, and size.

It’s important to get engagement ring insurance so you can protect your investment if the ring is lost, stolen, or damaged. You can add the ring to your homeowners’ or renter’s insurance or take out a separate jewelry insurance policy to protect one of the most treasured items you own.


5. Service Fees

Service fees are charged by the venue to cover the cost of paying servers, bathroom and parking attendants, and other employees. You may also have to pay more if you hire an outside baker to make your cake or if you bring your own wine or champagne. If you use the wine or cake provided by the venue, this is usually included in the total cost.

Service charges can be as much as 25% of the total event fee. Cake-cutting can cost up to $5 per wedding guests and you may also have to pay a corking fee of up to $3 for each bottle the staff opens. You can avoid this fee by being upfront with the venue staff and asking about any additional fees so you’ll know how to plan for the special touches you want for your wedding.

When you’re prepared for the costs associated with your wedding celebration, you’ll look forward to the event with even more anticipation. Going over the wedding budget with your soon-to-be spouse will also help you to determine how you want to organize your finances as a married couple, which will benefit your relationship in the years to come.

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