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Alabama State University Starts Drone Pilot Training Course


The international drone market is predicted to be worth $2.4 million by 2023, and the interest just keeps on growing. These roaming aerial vehicles were once seen as high-tech toys for social media personalities and content creators, but today’s world is taking them much more seriously than anyone could have initially predicted. This is in part due to the fact that drones are now seen as tools rather than toys.

Drone uses far exceed that of glamorous, high-speed action shots of skateboarders or cliff divers – there are very real and practical benefits to these powerful little machines – and the Alabama State University is one of the first to offer a training course on how to use them. You can now study drones and their many uses in a short, straightforward course that focuses on solving real world problems via the informed operation of aerial vehicles.

More About ASU’s Course

There are close to 2 million registered drones to be found in the US, and many of them reside with their owners in Alabama. The Alabama State University (ASU) has teamed up with aircraft manufacturing company Draganfly to facilitate a thorough nine-week course on operating aerial technology. These two figureheads have observed the keen interest that US citizens have in the operation of drones and have taken it upon themselves to offer a course that specializes in them.

The nine-week ASU course focuses on sharing its extensive knowledge of the technology and readying students for managing projects and insights for the use of drones in construction, emergency response, infrastructure, and security in the modern-day world. The combination of Draganfly’s vast industry experience and ASU’s reputation for academia are speculated to produce a powerful short course that paves the way for many more like it in future.


Learn How To Operate Aerial Vehicles

Drones are much more complex than they appear. Their association with content creation has warped many people’s perceptions of just how useful they can be, and how many different areas of expertise are needed to operate them professionally. The fact that they’ve been used for deliveries by companies like Amazon and UPS highlights just how useful they can be in our day to day lives, but it doesn’t tell us how complicated it is to operate one. Drones change the face of contactless domestic deliveries for the better, and while some people may see them as a disruption, the positives in speed, accuracy and reduced pollution far outweigh the negatives – they just need professional piloting.

The certificate offered by ASU through this course will include exercises in safety procedures, software operation, and the legalities around drone use across the world. With the information and experience learnt through this course, students will be able to venture many different career paths. Some of them include (but are by no means limited to) agricultural surveillance, technological inspection, emergency response, and of course, photography.


Drones Are A Big Part Of The Future

Drones have already risen to a high level of popularity over the past few years, but the trajectory doesn’t end here. The world is only at the beginning of its relationship with these powerful little vehicles, and studies suggest they could become a major influence on infrastructure and security technology in the very near future – and with good reason.

They can save lives, grow companies, complete contactless deliveries, and play an integral role in the development of sustainable architecture and agriculture.

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