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5 Ways To Passively Invest And Increase Your Finances


One of the most important commodities is time. Money can always be reproduced and created. However, there’s no way to add more time to a day. This is one of the main reasons why it’s so important for people to use their time wisely. This even relates to how a person spends and utilizes their money. In order to enjoy the time you have, get strategic with the ways you choose to invest and increase your finances. If you’re unsure of the opportunities that exist, consider the following five options.

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1. Become a Real Estate Investor/Landlord

Real estate investments come in a number of forms. Some people like to invest in real estate by rehabbing places and flipping them for profit. This route isn’t the most passive. Instead, consider becoming a landlord. Landlords are real estate investors who choose to hold properties and lease them to tenants each month. Every month, you’ll increase your finances as they pay the rental fees. If you don’t want to deal with headaches from tenants, consider hiring a property manager or property management company to take care of any requests.


2. Create a YouTube Channel

Though YouTube isn’t commonly recognized as a great source of passive income, millions of people make money from this site on a monthly basis. The more value you provide through your videos, the more views you’ll receive. As you receive more views, the YouTube checks will increase. There are many people who’ve become millionaires because of the content they’ve created on YouTube over the years. If you’d like for this effort to remain passive, create your videos in bulk. Schedule the uploading of each video throughout the year. Optimize the videos with the right keywords, and watch those videos rack up the views (and checks).


3. Invest in Stocks, Bonds, etc.

Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are some of the building blocks when you’re looking to build an investment portfolio that can pay handsomely for the rest of your life. You can also invest in the foreign exchange (FOREX) market and cryptocurrency in order to get positive returns. Consider joining prop trading firms where you can use their money in order to make even more money. The key is to know what you’re doing. Take advantage of the many courses and books available in order to learn at your own pace. Once you understand the basics, begin to practice trading with fake accounts and fake money. Once you’ve mastered that, invest with real money and increase your finances.


4. Develop Digital Products

As the world continues to evolve from a technological standpoint, your digital footprint should include products you’ve created. Learn to shift from being a consumer of content to a creator and producer of content. Think of a topic you’re well-versed in. Whether it’s how to keep your home clean at all times, bake the world’s best cinnamon roll or manage time wisely, create an online course. Create a digital curriculum with videos, eBooks, and PDFs people can purchase, download and use. If you create a marketing strategy that brings new customers on autopilot, you can easily create an incredible digital footprint that earns you passive income for years to come.


5. Buy Companies

Do your research in order to find websites where people go to sell their websites. They’ll discuss all of the details such as the company’s valuation, offerings, and length of operations. If you have a knack for hiring, operating, and successfully making companies profitable, it won’t take long to turn a business into a profit-making machine. Once you put the right people in place to make a company profitable, you’ll be able to sit back, let it operate, and enjoy your cut of the profits. It’s also okay to sell the company or a fraction of the company to another investor to set yourself up for bigger gains.

Be mindful that the process of building a new income stream takes some time. With passive streams of income, you’ll typically do a lot of work on the front end of the project. Once the grunt work is done, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor for months, years, and decades to come. If you’re looking for a great time to get started, know that the sooner you start, the better off you’ll be.

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