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How SMS Texting Has Improved Biz Communications


Text messaging, popularly known as SMS, is a mode of communication widely used and known by many. Text messaging has been in use for decades now, and people have come to appreciate this form of communication very fast. This mode of communication has significantly impacted people`s lives and has reduced the hustle there initially when other tedious forms of communication were the only options. All that is required to enjoy SMS services is an electric device capable of receiving and transmitting radio waves. This article discusses text messages` positive impact in the business-related field.


Text messages are easy to draft and time-saving also. In business, communication is key and efficient communication is crucial. Mis-information or dis-information can lead to tremendous losses, and thanks to the SMS mode of communication, delivering and receiving messages has become easier.

Time is also important in business since late delivery can mean losing customers or spoiling perishable goods. Writing and sending a message takes quite less time, and this time is hence used in other errands.


Instant delivery

Text messaging is very time-friendly, and it is one of the most reliable direct ways of communicating. SMS can do a precisely similar task as face-to-face communication or communication through telephone calls.

However, the difference arises when the message is confidential and urgent, but the receiver is not near the one relaying the information. In this case, text messaging since it favours all the highlighted circumstances.


Worldwide marketing

Through a text message, you can reach anyone in any corner of the globe at any time, provided both your signal and that of the recipient are efficient. If you want to market your goods far and wide and reach your potential customers fast, you can acquire an SMS short code.

An SMS short code is usually shorter than the normal phone number that corporations and firms use to deliver mass messages. Interested customers opt-in to the SMS marketing service by texting a keyword to the shortcode. There are two types of SMS short codes; vanity and random. The difference between the two is the charges when applying for either.



SMS are cheap, more so if you purchase them in significant amounts. Many mobile communication companies offer many messaging options, and it is your choice to select your most preferred one in terms of purchasing power.

Saving as much as possible in business is key, and therefore cheap communication can save you a significant amount of money. If you are a small-scale business person, you should consider using low-cost mediums of communication.



Phone numbers are personal and are SMS too. Sending your clients text messages may attract their attention, and this will be quite effective. An interested customer will perhaps give you their phone numbers, and they might not find it creepy for you to text them personally as long as you approach them professionally.

Gaining your customers` attention and showing them you can spare some time to reach out to them personally might strengthen your bond, therefore, acquiring for yourself a couple of loyal customers. Additionally, the use of text messages enables you to create a strong bond with the clients through constant communication resulting into the growth of the business.


Immediate feedback

The response is very crucial, especially from your consumers and suppliers. When a delivery has been done successfully, and your client has received the products as expected, a feedback message from the client might do the company well to recognize the areas it should improve on and how the business is serving its customers.

A message by the suppliers of a successful payment is also important in filling the books of accounts and reduces the uncertainty from the payment made.


Accountable and analytic

Many mobile communication providers offer the delivery reports service, and therefore you as a business person can be able to track the success level of your campaigns. You might be trying to market your business or a commodity you provide, and if the message has been delivered, that can be taken as a successful advert.

Finally, text messaging is on the rise, and hardly can anyone doubt its potential to offer reliable business communication. From the available means of communication and about this article, you can perhaps conclude that text messaging is reliable and efficient.

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