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13 Great Activities You Can Do While Traveling


There are many different activities that you can do while traveling. You may be looking for ideas on what to do in a new city, or maybe you’re just bored at home and want something to do. Either way, this post is full of great ideas for things that will help make your next trip more enjoyable! So scroll down for 12+ activities that will keep boredom away during your next adventure.

1) Sightseeing

One of the most obvious things to do while traveling is sightseeing. Whether you’re looking at ancient ruins or admiring the architecture of a new city, there’s always something fascinating to see. Make sure to take pictures and save memories of your trip by exploring all that your destination has to offer! If you’re not sure where to start, ask locals for their favorite sports or do some research online before you go. No matter what, make sure to take advantage of your time in a new place and see as much as possible!


2) Visit Local Attractions

Another great way to spend your time is by exploring the local attractions. There are so many interesting things in this world that you never know when you might find something new and exciting! Whether it’s a museum, aquarium, art gallery, or just visiting something unique, there’s always something out there waiting for discovery. Try searching online for places near your destination that offer free admission (many museums have at least one day of the year where they’re completely free) and see what interests you! This can be especially helpful if money is tight on your trip- don’t let a lack of funds stop you from experiencing new things!


3) Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are not only fun to do with friends, but they’re also the perfect way to explore new places! If you’re traveling by yourself or even in a group of people that don’t know each other very well, scavenger hunts are great for breaking the ice. Plus – many cities offer free or cheap organized events where you can get all sorts of cool prizes just for participating! This is an excellent idea if money is tight- since most require absolutely no cost at all besides transportation costs (if applicable). Don’t worry about being competitive either- it’s often more fun when everyone shares their finds and works together rather than trying to be sneaky.


4) Buy Merchandise 

Another fun activity is to visit some stores and look around. There’s nothing like getting a cool souvenir from your travels or finding something unique that you can’t get at home! This is another great way to support the local community while also picking up something special for yourself (or someone else). Some favorite things purchased on trips include magnets with pictures of places we went on, various bags and wallets made out of recycled materials, handmade jewelry/clothing, or Trump merchandise.


5) Go on a Food Tour

Food is one of the most important parts of traveling. A great way to experience some new cuisine while also exploring your surroundings is by going on a food tour. Many cities offer different types of tours (like ones focused on desserts or drinks) and will give you the chance to sample local foods at multiple places in an allotted amount of time. This can be especially helpful if money is tight- since many only cost $20-$25 per person for several dishes at various restaurants/bars etc. Plus – it’s often more fun when everyone shares their favorite finds with each other rather than trying to hog everything for themselves!


6) Take a Cooking Class

If you’re really into food and want to learn how to make some of the dishes you’ve been enjoying while traveling, taking a cooking class is a great idea! This can be done either in the city you’re visiting or even back home. Often, cooking classes don’t require much advance planning and can be booked last minute if you’re lucky. They also offer a unique opportunity to get to know local people, as your instructor will likely be from the area.


7) Participate in Local Festivals

Many cities have their own unique festivals that they celebrate on a regular basis. These are great opportunities to learn more about the culture of your destination while also enjoying yourself! Many local people always attend these events and make it an extra special experience for everyone. I especially like attending “fringe” festivals (not necessarily big ones with huge crowds) where you can get up close and personal with some of the exhibits/performers etc. Plus – many only cost $20-$25 per person to enter, which is very affordable considering all that’s offered- not just food, but activities as well!


8) Go to Free Events

Depending on your destination, there are often times where you can find free events happening. These range from educational lectures/seminars to concerts and comedy shows depending on what’s popular in that area! It can also be a great way to get involved with the local community if money is tight. Just make sure you know when these activities happen since some only occur periodically throughout the year (especially during certain seasons). You should always check out websites like Eventbrite or even Facebook for scheduled free events around your city.


9) Take a Bike Ride

This is one of my favorite things to do when I’m in a new place. It’s a great way to see the city from a different perspective, and oftentimes you’ll stumble upon someplace that you wouldn’t have found if you were just walking around. In addition, bike rentals are usually quite affordable (especially when split between friends), and many cities offer them for free on certain days or weekends! Just make sure to wear sunscreen if it’s hot out and be aware of your surroundings- as biking can also make you more susceptible to theft etc.


11) Window Shop 

Window shopping is another fun activity that doesn’t require much planning or money. All you need is some time and an area with lots of shops! I love doing this when I’m in a new city and want to get a feel for the style and prices of different stores. It’s also great if you’re looking for ideas on what to buy as souvenirs. Just be careful not to spend too much money while “window shopping,” or else your trip will end up costing more than you anticipated!


12) Get a Massage 


This is definitely my favorite way to relax after a long day of sightseeing. Not only does it feel amazing, but it’s also very affordable in comparison to other spa treatments. Plus, many massage places offer discounts if you book multiple sessions upfront. This is another activity that doesn’t require much advance planning, so it’s perfect if you want to relax after a long day of exploring. Just be sure to know your prices before you go in so that you don’t get any surprise charges at the end!


13) Watch a Show 

Depending on your destination, you may be able to find showings for popular Broadway plays and musicals, etc. These can often be found at discounted prices if you buy tickets in advance or even purchase them while walking around the city (which is what I do). However, they are still quite expensive, so this isn’t something that would work out well with friends who have different budgets/priorities! It’s also important to know the schedule before booking anything as not all shows take place nightly or during certain seasons etc.

In conclusion,  there are many fun and affordable activities that you can do while traveling. By choosing a few of these, you’re sure to have a great time without breaking the bank!

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