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See Video And Pictures Of Friendship Santa Avery Robertson In Oxford Alabama 2021


This is the 17th year of Friendship Santa.  During the 2021 Christmas season, thousands of people have or soon will come to check out Santa and all the Christmas decorations in the yard of the Robertson’s house. Avery Robertson is playing the role of Santa Claus in a decked out house including Santa’s Sleigh, giant wooden white reindeer, Christmas decorations, and a chance for the kids to sit in Santa’s lap! Avery goes out each night and waves to the traffic passing by along McIntosh Road in Oxford. He even encourages the passing traffic to honk their car horns.

It took Avery over 300 manhours to setup his Christmas decorations, and there are also new Christmas decorations this season!   Below is a video and photos from this event!  To learn more about Friendship Santa, go to:

You can also find photos on the Geek Alabama Facebook page, and Google Photos.

Videos can be found on the Nathan Young (Geek Alabama) YouTube channel and most videos can be found on the Geek Alabama Facebook page too!

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