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The Best DAW Software For Beginners In 2021


For people starting out in the music production scene, screenshots of digital audio workstations (DAWs) can seem daunting and incredibly complicated. We’ve compiled a list of the best DAW software for beginners in 2021 to get you making music as quickly (and as simply) as possible.

Ableton Live 11 Intro

Ableton Live is undeniably popular among professionals, and while this software is a lot to get your head around, once you do, you’ll have an application that offers a creative, quick workflow. If you’re interested in working on production live as a DJ, look no further. Live 11 Intro gives you over 1,500 sounds, 21 audio effects, and four software instruments out of the box.


Image Line FL Studio Fruity Edition

If you like the sound of a completely customizable interface, FL Studio could be perfect for you. While the interface can feel a bit busy, it has excellent drag-and-drop functionality, which allows beginners to make their program totally unique to their needs. On top of that, FL Studio is packed with features and comes with free updates for life (and frequent updates, at that).


Apple Garageband

You may think we’re joking, but don’t count Garageband out! This software (included free on all Mac workstations) is packed with features and contains surprising power. Apple’s flagship DAW, Logic Pro, is effectively Garageband with more features—if you want to try your hand at music production and already have a Mac, there’s no reason not to use Garageband.

If you ever decide that music production is something you want to pursue to a higher level, Logic Pro can load all of your old Garageband projects.

Now that you know the best DAW software for beginners in 2021, you’re well on your way to creating your first professional track. Don’t forget; there’s more to music production than software: make sure you optimize your workflow to save time and stay efficient.

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