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Convention Tuesdays: Anime Weekend Atlanta / Anthro Southeast / HallowCon 2021


Welcome to Convention Tuesdays! Every Tuesday, I will feature and highlight conventions happening during the upcoming weekend in Alabama, or within short driving distances from Alabama.

Listings come from Southern Fandom Resource Guide


October 28-31 — Anime Weekend Atlanta — Atlanta, Georgia

Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) is a Japanese animation and comics convention held in the Atlanta area. AWA has video showings,costume contest, guests, video gaming, Art Show, Dealers Room, and more.

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October 29-31 — Anthro Southeast — Chattanooga, Tennessee

Anthro SouthEast (ASE) is an annual convention that takes place in the scenic city of Chattanooga, TN. 2018 was ASE’s first year. We had 605 attendees and raised an impressive $3,650 for our charity, Pet Placement Center of Tennessee. In 2019 we exceeded all expectations with 1005 attendees and we raised $5,000 for our amazing charity.

Anthro SouthEast’s goal / mission is to create a safe environment for convention attendees. While ASE’s prime demographic are those of the Anthropomorphic persuasion, ASE welcomes those of other fandoms as well.

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October 29-31 — HallowCon — Dalton, Georgia

You slip into the last free seat at the Blackjack table, surrounded by gaily dressed boos and ghouls celebrating the season… the season when inky trees claw at the rising moon from autumn-kissed mountaintops… the season when spirits spill out of their graves, shake the dust from their shrouds, and creep through the night air.

A new dealer, cosplaying a monk in ragged robes, leans a rusty scythe against the wall and steals into the game. You think you see a skeletal hand flashing in the dim light of the room as he deals out kings, queens, and aces face-down on worn felt. You’re convinced you’re seeing things, until he peers up at you from behind a rumpled hood, until you recoil from his glowing-coal eyes. Your skin crawls as his voice rasps like dry leaves scraped together by a frost-rimmed wind.

“Dealer stands on seventeen. But remember… in the end, the house always wins.”  Are you trapped in the Twilight Zone?  Are you ensnared by a nightmare?  No! You’re at HallowCon!

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