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How To Make Your Internet Faster For Gaming


Whenever you have a bad experience with online gaming, it’s easy to assume everyone else is cheating. While there may be some expert hackers out there, it’s more than likely your opponents simply have a better internet connection and gaming setup than you. Here are some tips on how to make your internet faster for gaming.

Check Your Internet Speed

A great starting point is to figure out the speed of your internet connection. Hardcore gamers typically need a connection of at least 15-20Mbps. If you want to reach that desired figure, you need to understand how to improve your connectivity. Testing how your bandwidth reacts to specific circumstances may have you limiting other internet-related activities. If you’re in the midst of a game session, don’t use it for anything else. Get your phones and devices off Wi-Fi and don’t stream content, video chat, or browse the web if you want to have the best results moving forward.


Close Apps To Improve Latency

Latency is the process of data traveling from the source to its destination. When you have lower latency, you’ll have lower lag. The ping rate that shows up when you check your internet speed tells you the latency you’ll experience when playing. Ping rates vary for everyone, but typically 150 ms is solid while 20 ms is exquisite. If you want to improve your ping rate, make sure you close any apps you aren’t currently using. Applications that stream content stay active even when you aren’t watching them, which can significantly increase your lag.


Move Closer or Directly Connect To the Router

When you organize your gaming setup, consider where you’re putting your router. Many objects in your home can disrupt the router’s effectiveness by blocking its wireless signal. The best strategy is to put your gaming system as close to the router as possible. You can also attempt to angle your system or remove any other devices that disrupt the signal’s path. When your router is close to you, use an Ethernet cable, which enables the connection to stay fluid even if other people are using the Wi-Fi. If your ethernet option doesn’t speed things up, look into fixing your Ethernet cord.


Reset or Replace Router

Restarting the routing is the equivalent of blowing into an old Nintendo system—you can’t explain why it works, but it does! If you’re serious about your gaming, purchase routers specifically for that purpose to give yourself a leg up on the competition.

By knowing how to make your internet faster for gaming, you can create the perfect setup to get those dubs, improve that K:D ratio, and put an end to rage-quitting games.

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