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7 Ways To Brew Cafe Quality Coffee At Home


If you want to save money and avoid having to stand in line at various coffee shops, you should learn to brew café quality coffee at home. It is easy to do, and once you learn how to do it, you will never want to go back to buying it again.

1. Using A Scale

When it comes to making café style coffee, you will want to ensure that you get your measurements down to precise art. Coffee beans have a different density depending on several different factors. Scooping out your coffee beans least to an inconsistent taste, as does eyeball your coffee beans. Using a scale will allow you to follow different brew ratios as well.


2. Using The Right Water

If you want to clear up the flavor of your coffee, stop using tap water. Tap water has high levels of bicarbonates and calcium, which can affect the flavor of the coffee. Instead of tap water, switch to purified drinking water.


3. Trying Different Brewing Methods

Many different brewing methods will affect the taste of the cup of coffee. One of the main differences is metal and paper filtration. The body, flavor, and clarity of the coffee will be affected by this. Try several different types of brewing styles until you find the perfect match for your needs. You can purchase equipment for your coffee making online at sites like Amazon. Ensure that you read reviews to ensure that you are getting only the best coffee makers on the market. Also, while you are online, look at several different coffee recipes. These recipes can help you to create coffee that you would find for sale at your local coffee shop.


4. Adjust The Water Temperature

Another factor in making the perfect cup of coffee is your water temperature. If you like a light roast coffee, you can use boiling water. If you have beans that are a dark or medium roast, you should have a water temperature of around 200 degrees. Darker coffees tend to over-extract easily, so having the temperature lower, allows you to have a more balanced cup of coffee.


5. Use Whole Coffee Beans

To have café quality coffee, you will want to buy coffee beans brew them at home, or you will need to purchase great quality ground coffee. Whole coffee beans help to retain freshness, making your cup of coffee that much bolder. When coffee is ground, you will see some of its flavor loss go faster. When you make your roasted coffee, it can last for up to two weeks with no flavor loss.

If you do use whole coffee beans, make sure that you get a quality coffee bean grinder. Do not settle for a cheap grinder that does not grind the coffee well. This will disturb the taste of the coffee and create a very appetizing cup.


6. Finding Good Quality Coffee

To ensure that you have an excellent cup of café coffee at home, you will want to make sure that you find a good quality coffee to purchase. Purchasing a store brand that is not very popular will lead to you having an average-tasting cup of coffee. If you want to find a coffee with excellent reviews, look for a roast that has 100% quality kona coffee beans.  Make sure you take a look at several different brands before making your final decision. Decide whether you want a dark, medium, or light roast. There are plenty of options out there for any preference.


7. Have Patience

When it comes to creating café quality coffee at home, you will need to have patience. Take your time and experiment with different brews, brewing methods, and different styles of coffee. The more you experiment with it, the greater chance you will have at creating a cup of coffee that you will enjoy. Once you find a recipe that you are in love with, make sure that you write it down and continue using it.

If you want to create café style coffee at home, consider doing some of the tips above. You will be amazed at how good your own freshly brewed coffee tastes.

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