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5 Methods For Getting Water Out Of A Cell Phone


You can do all that you can to protect your phone, and sooner or later, you will have an accident with it. Water can quickly damage your phone, and if your phone is exposed to water, you will want to do all that you can to get that water out of it as quickly as possible.

1. Hold It Upright

To get your phone dried out, the first thing you should do is to turn your phone into an upright position. When you turn your phone upright, this will help water to seep out of the cracks. Make sure that you keep your phone in this position for a few seconds. You may be tempted to shake your phone to get all the water out. Never do this as it will cause water to spread to other parts of the phone, which may do damage. After you have tilted your phone upright, make sure that you remove the sim card, microSD card, and battery from the phone. Sit these in a dry place to dry out. Do not wait too long to go to the next water removal method to ensure that your phone does not have any permanent damage from water exposure.


2. Dry With A Cloth

Take a clean paper towel or cloth and mop all the water off of the surface of the phone. You will want to be careful not to rub your phone too hard and spread water into places that it should not be. For example, you can easily push water into the holes and cracks of your phone. Gently rub the phone with the cloth until the water is removed. If your cloth or paper towel gets too wet, get a fresh one and keep drying.


3. Using A Vacuum

A vacuum can quickly help to remove the water out of your phone. However, you will want to make sure that you remove any microSD cards you have and SIM cards as the vacuum will suck them in. You will want to turn the vacuum onto its lowest setting to ensure that it does not cause any structural damage to your phone. Make sure that you gently suck out the water around any openings on your phone.


4. Rice Bag

The most commonly recommended method for getting water out of a phone is to place your phone in a bag of rice. Rice is excellent for drawing out moisture. When your phone gets wet, get a bag, and fill it full of uncooked rice. Put your phone in the bag of rice and leave it there for at least 48 hours. After 48 hours, you can try to turn your phone out. It is important to remove the battery and sim card before doing this.


5. Sunlight Treatment

When you take your phone out of the rice bag, it is a good idea to let it sit in the direct sunlight for a few hours. Direct sunlight can help to remove any remaining water out of your phone and warm the parts of your phone to help them work properly. If it is very hot out, you should not leave your phone more than an hour out in the direct sunlight. Too much heat from the sun can cause severe damage to your phone.


What To Do If Your Phone Does Not Work?

If the treatments above do not work, search for iPhone repair Houston or wherever you are located as soon as possible. Chances are that someone who is experienced with getting water out of phones can help you to restore yours. If not, they can replace the parts that have gone bad due to being exposed to water or help you to get a new phone. To ensure that you find the right person to fix your phone, make sure that you read reviews and talk to them at length about what happened to your phone.

Acting quickly when your phone is exposed to water is imperative. The longer you wait, the more damage can happen to your phone. If all else fails and you cannot get all the water out of your phone, or it will no longer power on, make sure that you take it to a phone technician to see what they can do to help save your phone.

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