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Video Or Photo? What Is More Effective For Instagram?


Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users in 2021. This number will only grow in the coming years, with so many people using it for personal and business purposes. Therefore, you should make sure your brand is seen on this rapidly expanding platform.

What better way to do that than by creating visually stunning content? The easier it is for a potential follower to see what your company does, the more likely they will follow you. Yet, how can you create stunning visual content? Here’s where Instagram stories come in.

Of course, all social media platforms have their reasons for being popular among users. (Leave alone the myths about internet performance). However, Instagram has risen above most of them including Snapchat, something which Jackson the CMO of a dissertation help service in London attributes to the ease at which the platform lets users feel they know the influencers that they follow. It gives each post (called a story) a highly visual nature and a short length.

These stories can be photos or videos as well, which is why many users choose to post pictures instead of developing long-form content for their page. Yet, how do you know which option will give you the best chance at success? This blog post will discuss both image and video options and what type of Instagram followers they are most likely to attract.


First, Let’s Talk about Instagram Photos

According to a recent study, there was an average increase of 20% in photo posts per day on Instagram between 2014 and 2016. With numbers like that, it’s clear that visuals are more important all the time on social media and Instagram is no exception.

What type of photo works best on this platform? According to reports, images with faces are 28% more likely to be viewed than those without. In fact, Instagram photo posts with faces are 120% more likely to get a comment as well. Photos with other objects and scenery were also better received by followers but to a lesser extent (90%).

Of course, you should take these results as just one data point in the sea of information available about what makes Instagram successful. Also, remember that there are other variables at play, and one picture might not work for your brand specifically, so everything needs to be tested before deciding that it’s the best choice for you.


Next up, we have Video Content

When it comes to video, Instagram is one of the most viewed platforms among social media giants like YouTube and Facebook, so you have a great chance at finding success here. In fact, companies that are more likely to upload 30 videos or more per month get 33% more engagement. It’s important for your brand to make sure they’re maximizing their opportunities on this app.

The best type of second-by-second content often changes due to how quickly trends move in social media, but right now, there are two types of videos that consistently work well as visual content for Instagram stories. The first is simple face shots which can be done in a selfie-style (with either one person or multiple people).

The other is with short clips from longer videos that are already on your page. Both of these options can help you maximize the amount of followers you have and the engagement they bring with them. To get the most engagement though, you may want to limit your videos to between 25 and 30 seconds. According to Hubspot, these videos have the most engagement rates.


Video or Photo: What should my Brand use?

Now that we’ve looked at what type of content works best for Instagram, how can you decide what will work for your brand specifically? It’s important to remember that every business is different, so while one option may do well for others; it might not be the best choice for yours. When deciding between image posts and videos, look at your current content first before making a decision. If there are already many videos, then posting images could lead to less success (and vice versa).

While both types are great choices depending on who follows your account, image posts are more popular with a younger demographic. If your audience is made up of people under the age of 35, then posting only images could be best for you in order to gain followers and increase engagement.

However, if they’re over 34, then your customers might respond better to video content, increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty as a result. It’s important to remember that this basic advice isn’t set in stone either, so all data should be used as suggestions instead of direct rules. You will need to test different options before finding out what works best for you personally.


What is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

The time of day when you post on social media is just as important as the content. This is because; there are some times when your followers will be online and active more than others. For Instagram, it’s best to do this between 10 am and 3 pm, Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

However, there are other factors that need to be considered, too, such as what type of posts you’re doing. Photos generally work better earlier in the day, while video content can have a more substantial impact later. You’ll need to test different times for each depending on how your audience responds.

When deciding what time would work best based on who follows your brand, many companies find that images work best for the morning when people are looking to start their days with content that’s light and easy to look through. On the other hand, video posts tend to get more traction later on in the afternoon as customers have a chance to sit down and really enjoy watching your new clips.


The Bottom Line

Look at your data to decide what type of content works best for you. If there are already a lot of videos, then posting images alone could lead to less engagement. However, if they’re mostly under the age of 35, posting nothing but pictures could be better for gaining new followers and growing customer loyalty. And don’t forget that other factors such as time played an important role too! Find out when your audience is most active online to get the most outstanding results from each post.



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