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Fun Ways To Engage Your Child In STEM Education


Many children take the STEM subjects without much enthusiasm as they don’t expect them in schools like the theater, art, or gym that bring fun to young learners. However, STEM subjects are fundamental for the growth of any nation’s economy. Therefore, teaching them basic STEM skills can greatly influence their love for the subjects. Delve in to learn how to engage your child in STEM education with fun.


Involve your Kids in Science Experiments

Engaging children in home science experiments is a tried and true method of teaching STEM education in a fun manner. To succeed in this endeavor, you should follow the scientific methods and allow your kids to use their inferences to beget hypotheses. They also engage their Math skills by collecting data and note the results from the experiments. Let them track their learning by drawing pictures or creating the relevant info graphs. They can also explain what they have learned.


Inspire Children to Embrace STEM Career

Some children are curious about the application of the skills you are enforcing on them. Therefore, to encourage them to learn the skills, take them to firms that apply the skills after learning the STEM education. Computer technology, vehicle assembly plants, and banking companies are the best examples of such firms.

You can also identify thought leaders in STEM-related careers. People like Reshma Saujani are a great inspiration for girls. She is the girls who code founder and its current CEO. She has been at the forefront of closing the gender gap in technology. She has taught many girls to remain focused in their endeavors besides writing many inspirational books and articles.

Several books motivate children to embrace the subjects. Therefore, if you buy such books for your children, they will love to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Though you may despise the effort, it goes a long way to engrave STEM education in their minds.


Have Fun with Engineering Games

There are several games related to engineering for your kids. Other resources like Try Engineering encourage kids to acquire engineering skills with fun. The portals have enough resources for your children regardless of their age. You will find games for preschool kids up to year 12 students. Make use of these resources for the development of your kids.


Nature Walk

Engaging your children in nature walk is another way of involving them in learning science with fun. Take them on a nature walk and observe the environment around their homes. You can make it a success by listing down all to-do activities and turn your entire adventure into learning. Let them identify some objects, plants, and weather elements. They can collect some items from nature and use them in the science experiments mentioned above.


Download Science Apps

With modern technology, children can have fun learning STEM education through various apps on the interment. All you need is to identify the applications, download them and let the children enjoy them. A good example is Math quiz applications where children can have fun answering basic mathematical questions and solving problems.

The curiosity machine teaches complex skills in a fun way. They can also explore nature sing the applications. Some come with science quiz where children need to answer simple but tricky questions. When children enjoy their tech time using the applications, they will develop their adult lives hence major in STEM-related careers.


Final Thoughts

STEM education is fundamental for children as they grow up. The best way to teach them is by making the entire endeavor a fun session. First, engage them in time passing science experiments. You can also inspire them by showing where the skills are used or prominent people in the STEM-related fields. A nature walk is also a better strategy to teach them through exploration. With numerous online resources and mobile device applications, you can encourage learners to spend their free time learning this coveted education.

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