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Money, Time, Energy: How To Invest For What Matters


Who cares about investing?

You will make investments all throughout your life. When you were a child, your parents invested in you by giving you an education. They wanted you to learn to read and write so that you could grow up to be a capable adult who could take care of himself or herself. Much is the same when it comes to your finances; the difference is that the choices are all up to you. Do you want to get a return on your financial investment? This means that you put money into a place where it can grow and give you a high yielding return when you retire. Investing is something that everyone does, so you’d be wise to get the best return possible.

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Why Invest Instead of Saving

When you save your money, you are putting it into a bank, a sock, or a box for future use. Since your money is just sitting there, it is actually losing value. Inflation affects the value of money and there is no way to escape it. The value of a dollar has changed greatly over time, so what may have been $100 in the past now is $250. This means that when you do not invest your money you actually lose money. Since that is the case, you do well to invest your money in order to help it grow in value.


What does it Really Mean to Invest?

An investment can be much like a savings account. You put your money into a place where it will hopefully grow. How you choose to invest is totally personal. You have a variety of options when it comes to your investments. You can learn how to invest in real estate, EFTs, mutual funds, stocks, bonds or annuities. All of these investments can work well for you; it all just depends on what your investment goals are.


How to Invest in What is Important

You do well to think about what your investment goals are. The majority of people want to invest for their future retirement, but there are plenty of investors who are involved with Day Trading and Swing Trading. When you invest in single stocks, you are taking on more risks because single stocks can be highly volatile, so if you are not a professional, you could stand to lose a lot. If you are involved in Day Trading, you are required to maintain $25,000 in your account at all times. If you are like the average investor, you are investing largely for your retirement. This means that you are contributing to your company’s 401(k) on a regular basis. You do well to contribute the maximum amount possible because 401(k)s are basically free money from your company. Apart from contributing to your company’s 401(k), if you are investing for retirement, you do well to invest in mutual funds as well. Since mutual funds are groups of stocks, they are much less volatile, and they have done very well over the course of time.

Apart from investing in the stock market, you may choose to invest in real estate. This means more than just investing in your own home, you may decide to obtain real estate and get renters. This is a marvelous way to make income If you are willing to deal with renters and the possible headaches that come with that.


Diversification is the Key

In reality, regardless of how you invest, you are going to have some type of benefit. A wise path would involve investing in a variety of different investment vehicles. You could invest in your IRA, HSA, and your 401K. Apart from that, you can invest in a few single stocks and a few properties. The more diversified your portfolio is, the more chances that you have at winning when it comes to your investments. Savvy investors buy and hold when it comes to their investment decision, but if you are a person who is a whiz at investing and is willing to deal with the volatility of the stock market, then there is nothing wrong with Day Trading. Developing a good investment muscle is wise because you will be investing over the course of your life whether you believe so or not. Since that is the case, choose your investments wisely, and you are sure to find success.

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