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Gift Ideas For The Tiny Geeks In Your Household


Children aged eight to 10 spend an average of six hours a day in front of screens. Those aged 11 to 14 spend nine hours, and teens aged 15 to 18 spend about seven and a half, reports the CDC. The stats are indicative of the fact that younger generations are proudly geeking out like no generation before them, with devices like tablets now being used as learning tools in school, as well as sources of entertainment in children’s free hours. If you are thinking of ways to fill your child’s stocking this season and they already have a tablet, the following ideas may inspire you to head for the shops or partake in an online shopping session. Some of them will even encourage kids to make the most of Alabama’s most beautiful natural spots – including Cheaha Mountain, Russell Cave, and the Little River Canyon National Preserve.


Electronic Board Games

Since kids and adults are spending more time indoors these days, electronic board games are an ideal way to spend more time together while taking part in gender-neutral games. This type of game is an ideal way to let children know that they can follow their interests instead of playing games that stick them into clearly defined roles. You know the score – dolls for girls, cars for boys. Electronic games focus more on strategic ability – something that people of all ages and genders can benefit from sharpening. A few cute ideas include Hasbro’s Deluxe Battleship Movie Edition, Scrabble’s Electronic Catchphrase, and Icore’s Electronic Talking Chess Set.


Fitness Trackers And Watches

Kids love technology, but they also need to get out and about to stretch their limbs, improve their cardiovascular fitness, and benefit from the stress-busting effects of the great outdoors. Active geeks will love a hot fitness tracker or watch – one that can monitor their step count, sleep quality, blood oxygen level, heart rate, and more. Just a few cool watches to look out for include the Fitbit Charge 4, the Letsfit Fitness Tracker (a great budget alternative to more expensive watches), and the Apple Watch Series 6. One you’ve got the gadgets sorted out, use them in some of Alabama’s most stunning sites. You could hike along Little River Canyon, cross the Natural Bridge (in the tiny town that is also called Natural Bridge), or go jogging around Noccalula Falls.


Virtual Games

Pokemon Go marked a real watershed when it was launched in 2016, immersing kids in a fantastical world that encouraged them to get outside and venture into new territory in order to achieve specific goals. Today, there are many more games, many of which are multiplayer and free – including Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Battle against mythical beasts, choose from a plethora of characters to take on, and find potions that you can use to further your aims. Additional games you can suggest depending on your child’s age and interest are ingress (which revolves around finding powerful energies that exist in the world), The Walking Dead: Our World, and Zombies, Run! If your kids are into VR games, then investing in a good VR headset such as the Oculus Quest 2 will enable them to try out games like Vader Immortal and other games based on legendary films.

The media often warns readers of how much time kids are spending on devices. However, parents can spin this trend in their favor by balancing their kids’ gadget use with fun VR games such as Pokemon Go. Many games can be played in the great outdoors, which is a good excuse to get out and about and enjoy a family picnic and games day in one of Alaska’s many wondrous sites.

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