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5 Most Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine


After a tiresome week at work, finally, when you cork open the wine bottle, do you even make an effort to think how healthy it is? Perhaps you might argue, “The drop by drop shining wine dropping in the glass looks tempting, and the mellow sound that echoes in the ear is fascinating!” Yes, you’re right. But what about the sheer damage wine causes to our body? To its contradiction, daily drinking wine is actually a healthy habit. However, the benefits of wine are subject to consuming only one to two glasses of four to five ounces of wine daily.


A published Finnish Study in the Journals of Gerontology, 2007, admits that 2,468 men studied for 29 years who consumed wine regularly and had a 34 percent lower mortality rate. Well, it is the highest perk you can fetch out from anything. Good news! Wine lets you live longer. Get ready to know some other surprising health benefits of drinking wine. You might wonder what else wine does than making people live longer? This article addresses the question, and in revert, delivers the five incredible health benefits of drinking wine beyond one’s beliefs. Check out these benefits & relax while drinking wine.


  1. Wine Hones Your Heart’s Health

Would you believe a study by the Harvard School of Public Health on 11,711 men, conducted sixteen years ago, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, 2007 saying that wine cuts the chances of heart attacks? Another study published in Nature, 2006 by Queen Mary University in London, says drinking wine also reduces the risk of chronic heart disease.

People in Southwest France, Crete, and Sardinia live longer because they drink dark red wine regularly, and their heart health is superb. These people drink red wine, whisky, and organic wine most of the time, and the tannins in it have procyanidins elements, the best elements to combat heart disease. Thanks to the wines from Southwest France, Crete, and Sardinia, which have higher tannins compounds, they make the cardiovascular health of their countrymen stunning!


  1. Wine Won’t Let You Have Cancer

If you could drink wine and cut off the cancer risks, won’t you do that? Red grapefruit has the enzymes, which are beneficial to decrease the estrogen secretion from aromatase. (The one causing breast cancer) This risk of breast cancer you promoted by intaking more than average alcohol and drinking red wine can lower it. Also, red grapes, especially with seeds, can prove an ideal aromatase inhibitor. Not only wine cuts breast cancer chances, but it also reduces 50% chances of colon cancer.

In men, who weekly drink five to seven glasses of red wine have 52% less chance of developing prostate cancer compared to the non-drinkers. Harvard men’s health watch added a word on it by proving it correct and genuine. Scientifically, the flavonoids and resveratrol balance the androgens in men’s prostate glands. Otherwise, excess androgens cause prostate cancer in men.


  1. Hurray! Wine Has Resveratrol Maxed Out

Only one ingredient resveratrol and like a zillion merits out of it! After thirty minutes of research, it confirmed that resveratrol can boost short-term memory. The brain got fastened, and the memorizing abilities got sharp. Besides boosting the brain, resveratrol impedes the acne-causing bacteria to establish its camp in your body. To an extent, it’s more effective than applying those anti-acne creams with benzoyl peroxide. No way is better than drinking antioxidants rather than consuming or applying it.


For those who are exhausted going to the gym for heart, brain, and muscle improvement, we have an excellent solution. Drinking wine improves the health of the heart, brain, and muscles as the gym does. Both the red wines and white wines have resveratrol components. Because of the skin of red grapes rich in resveratrol, red wines are comparatively more advantageous than those of white wines.


  1. Wine Keeps You Away From Unwanted Stress

Spain’s scientists are affirmative about the fact that drinking wine slashes unwanted stress from life. Men and women who drink five to seven glasses of two to five ounces of wine per week are more stress free than everybody else. Usually, wine lovers habitually inaugurated the cork of a wine bottle at a party or on some occasions. People raise toasts during wedding ceremonies or in happy times.

Directly, the relation of drinking wine is with sheer delight and happiness. It is because drinking wine makes people happy. How hard is it to elevate your mood after a horrible day at work, opening a wine bottle into two glasses with your partner at night? Take it easy. Drinking wine will surely make you a joyful person. So, drink up and cheer up!


  1. Wine Takes Care Of Your Teeth & Eyes

The sparkling wine is the reason behind your teeth, sparkling like real white pearls! How can wine’s antibacterial elements affect the skin and not benefit your teeth? Oenology says drinking wine lessens bacterial presence on our teeth. The red wine biofilm model of the plaque stated the best antimicrobial properties in the red wine. The acidic nature of wine also contributes to killing the bacteria from your teeth and making them whiten and brighten.


Along with making teeth white, drinking wine is an effortless way to improve your eyes. It controls and regulates the blood vessel growth in the eyes and strengthens the vision of naked eyes. Plus, drinking wine staves off cataract risk. Average wine drinkers get cataracts 32% less than one who doesn’t drink wine.


The Final Words

Now we know drinking wine staggers most of the health risks to the slimmest. Don’t run behind the concept to take all benefits from one bottle of wine. Instead, make drinking wine a part of the everyday lifestyle. Try to have a habit of drinking wine consistently to get your mind blown by its benefits.

Cheers to drinking wine for health!

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