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Science Mondays: Will America’s Disregard For Science Be The End Of Its Reign


You see all over the news and on social media, more and more Americans are no longer believing in basic scientific facts and instead are relying on lies told from idiots on Facebook or Fox News.  In this video from Big Think, explore why science is in danger in America.

From America’s inception, there has always been a rebellious, anti-establishment mentality. That way of thinking has become more reckless now that the entire world is interconnected and there are added layers of verification (or repudiation) of facts.

As the great minds in this video can attest, there are systems and mechanisms in place to discern between opinion and truth. By making conscious efforts to undermine and ignore those systems at every turn (climate change, conspiracy theories, coronavirus, politics, etc.), America has compromised its position of power and effectively stunted its own growth.

A part of the problem, according to writer and radio host Kurt Andersen, is a new media infrastructure that allows for false opinions to persist and spread to others. Is it the beginning of the end of the American empire?

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