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Sunday Discussion: Why Shepard Smith Abruptly Left Fox News


Friday afternoon many in the media world was shocked.  Shepard Smith announced at the end of his show that he was quitting Fox News and afterwards immediately left the building and went home.  I really don’t blame him for doing this, because more and more people on Fox News are only sharing their opinions instead of actually reporting the news.  And all of those opinions are all about cheerleading Trump and Republicans, even if they did something wrong or broke the law.

Sadly, you will likely see more people from Fox News who actually report the news honestly leave soon.  And Fox News will only become a haven for those who support Trump, the Republicans, and the alt-right.  And this is very scary, because without the real facts, lies and falsehoods will rule the news.  And even Trump can commit murder and somehow Fox News will turn this into something positive.  This is very concerning.  Below, see what the folks from CNN, who does some great news coverage, said about this.

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