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A List Of DJ Equipment You Need To Get Started


Djing is probably the most fun job in the world. This is because you get to enjoy life, party and travel the world while getting paid for it. Becoming a DJ is not difficult to start. However, to be exceptional you need to go the extra mile so that you can stand out. Investing in the Best DJ Stuff will always leave a good impression and help you make a name for yourself. Here’s a list of DJ equipment you will need to get started.

  1. A DJ Turntable

For you to become a great Dj, you need to have the best DJ turntable of 2019. There are so many Dj turntables on the market today; how do you choose the best one? Be sure to buy a turntable that will stand the test of time. A good turntable should produce high-quality sound in all environments including the clubs and during tours. Buy a turntable with a heavy platter. A platter that has more mass has more accurate playback since it keeps the speed from varying. 

  1. DJ Headphones

Headphones are important equipment to a DJ because without them the Dj would not be able to accurately listen to what they are creating for their audience. A good pair of DJ headphones will enable you to hear all the elements in a song, including the frequency and the pitch even when there is consistent screaming from the fans. 

The first thing to look for when choosing Dj headphones is comfort. Remember, you will be wearing these headphones for hours on end, therefore, make sure that they are not too tight and they are the perfect size to fit your ears. 

Secondly, invest in a pair of headphones that is durable. As a Dj, your job involves moving around and if your headphones are the poor quality they will not last long especially after being stuffed into travel bags and sweated into for many hours. 

  1. DJ Mixers

One of the most important equipments you need as a Dj is a mixer. If you want to become famous like DJ Skrillex or the Chainsmokers, start by buying the right mixer. When looking for a DJ mixer, the first decision you need to make is the tier level. 

Since you are just getting started a good quality low tier Dj mixer will be a good investment since it’s affordable and popular. Once you have gained some experience, you can always upgrade it to a mid-tier Dj mixer.

Check the number of channels the mixer has as well. Ideally, a mixer should have at least 4 channels to make the mixing more fun and exciting. Check the channel EQs and level meters to ensure that transitioning of tracks is made much easier. 

  1. Laptop for Djing

Nowadays, it is practically impossible to Dj without a laptop. Whether you are spinning at home or at a big event, a DJ laptop is a must-have. A Dj laptop can be your backbone and will help your work flow easily as you perform. 

When choosing a Dj laptop there are several manufacturer requirements you need to consider. These include the screen resolution specifications, RAM, video memory and a hard drive of at least 5 GB. A laptop with a really nice display will also come in handy when you are called to perform in a darker environment.

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