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Sunday Discussion: BuzzFeed News Piece About Anniston’s PCB Pollution


If there is anything that puts Anniston’s reputation down, it’s the PCB pollution from Monsanto and the chemical weapon incineration from the Anniston Army Depot.  Stories still come out about this, and the latest story comes from BuzzFeed News which was published on Friday.  The story is titled “Monsanto Poisoned This Alabama Town — And People Are Still Sick.”

And it describes Anniston as “a patchwork quilt of moribund communities and biological “dead zones” where nothing grows. Behind some doors, the unemployed fight cancer, paralysis, memory loss, and a bewildering array of poorly characterized diseases. Subdued children play, eerily quiet, against a backdrop of toxic lawns, oily creeks, tainted vegetation, and sere trees. Other neighborhoods are already dead. Vegetation has overtaken blocks of abandoned houses, with streetlights gone permanently dark, empty churches, and, always, the biohazard signs. Everywhere in Anniston, worried parents shoo children from parks and playgrounds. Many backyard creeks run blood red. Homeowners have forsaken their poisoned gardens to grow greens in sterile plastic buckets.”

Stuff like this is never good for Anniston.  Go along with Anniston being the most dangerous city in America, one of the most distressed zip codes in America, and poor and corrupt local leaders, and this town continues to die off with more homeless people populating the streets.  So, when is something going to be done to change all of this?  Or will Anniston continue to fall off the cliff?  You can read the full story from BuzzFeed News by clicking here.

It also does not help when media outlets and others also highlight these problems in Anniston.  Need a refresher, here is the report about the Anniston PCB’s from 60 Minutes on CBS.

And here are other media coverage.


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