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Roadscapes Wednesday: Governor Kay Ivey News Conference Supporting A Gas Tax Raise


This news about a raise in the gas tax has got people in Alabama talking.  If you go to social media, you can read the comments from people who say the Alabama government should just “budget better.”  The problem is Alabama has been cutting government for the past few years with not much left to cut.  Meanwhile, infrastructure in Alabama is suffering because the purchase power to repair and construct new roads has been going down.

It was 1992 since the gas tax was last raised, and I do support a raise in the gas tax.  Because I am a road geek, and I see the problems with roads in Alabama.  The plan is called Rebuild Alabama, and it would raise the gas tax 10 cents over three years.  (6 cents this year, 2 cents in 2020 and 2 cents in 2021)  The plan also links the tax to a national index on highway construction costs. That could increase the tax no more than 1 cent every two years.

Under the plan, 66 percent of the new revenue to go to the state, 25 percent to counties and 8 percent to cities. A separate portion will go to finance a bond issue to widen and deepen the shipping channel in Mobile Bay and the port.  I know there are those people who don’t support this, but you must have good infrastructure!

Below is a video of Kay Ivey talking about this proposal.  Alabama needs better roads!

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