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The Goats On Lake Martin’s Goat Island Are About To Be Gone For Good



UPDATE: From the Goat Island of Lake Martin Facebook group page, it has been decided that the goats will be able to stay on Goat Island.  The message reads:

We are so humbled from the support we have received, WE HAVE DECIDED TO ALLOW OUR GOATS TO STAY! Our main concern is keeping them safe as they are our pets. We are hoping with all the extra awareness and supporters, the goats will be safe there. We want to give a huge thank you to anyone that has donated and to unsalted waters for the T-shirt’s and their contributions. We look forward to seeing your pictures, comments and stories posted for everyone to enjoy.

Original Article:

For many years during the Summer, an island on Lake Martin is home to a herd of goats.  That’s right, goats!  A local farm takes the goats off the island in Fall so they can be fed and stay warm during the Winter months.  But each Spring, the farm returns the goats to Goat Island.  And you see numerous boaters stopping at the island, and people feed the goats a lot of tasty goodies like chips, fruits, veggies, and anything else goat friendly.

People, especially kids love also going onto the island and petting the goats.  And people love going to Goat Island and taking pictures and video to put on social media!

Sadly, it seems like Summer 2018 will be the final year you will be able to see goats on Goat Island in the middle of Lake Martin.  You see, there have been two problems plaguing the goats on the island.  One, there have been some people who have used their guns and shot towards the island.  The goats on Goat Island are NOT huntable.  So I don’t get why some idiots would shoot towards the island and the goats.

The second problem, which is the bigger problem, is people in boats going onto the island, with their dogs.  And the dogs do what dogs do, the dogs see the goats and begin to chase the goats on the island.  Some dogs are even able to take down a goat and kill it.  Some dogs also have chased goats into the lake, and since goats can’t swim they eventually drown.  There are signs all around the island you can see from the boat where it says guns and dogs are banned from the island.  But, apparently some people are not listening, and the people who take care of the goats have finally have enough!

From the Goat Island of Lake Martin Facebook group page, you see this.

It reads:

I hope everyone has enjoyed the goats on the island these last few years. Because of people bringing dogs to the island, despite the signs and us asking to keep dogs away, this will be their last year there.  Our goats will no longer be abused by dogs, therefore they are leaving the island and not coming back. We really hate this because the goats enjoy the island and everyone coming to visit them except for dogs.

This does suck for everyone who loved the goats on Goat Island.  But, you can not have other people’s dogs going onto the island and terrorizing the goats.  So, I understand why this is being done.  Too bad a couple of people ruined the experience for everyone else.  So, if you want to see the goats on Goat Island, your time is now extremely limited!

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